Monday, May 19, 2008

chic with aprons

aprons "enjoying a renaissance as a retro-chic fashion accessory" wrote the Wallstreet journal in 2005. And that is true. Aprons are not only comfortable, but also sexy!

We are supporting the Pino Pie event on June 28th with this apron.

Thank you all for your warm comments and welcome back on our last post!


shepherdgirl said...

MY SHEEP! Yes, you are vrey sexy and lovely in that apron...if I had you here in my arms, ah! I would kiss you with my pie breath. ..We can't wait to get this incredible apron! Imagine what the sheep will say...Envy will break out in the flock.

das Musenkind said...

Ich will auch sexy sein. Her mit den Schürzen!

Deine Mabel

rike said...

ah! wirklich. sehr nett. denn auch bei der hausarbeit will frau doch schön sein!!
und: auch gerade bei whip up gesehen.
alles liebe. wünscht rike.