Tuesday, April 01, 2008


the spring sun is like an invitation to gardening. On the weekend we´ve prepared our experimental ground with compost and now it is waiting amongst others for these little plants until they´ve grown strong enough for moving in. We made a plan to work every day (depending on the weather) one or two hours in the garden. With this consistently "doing a little bit of gardening every day", we hopefully can cope with the area.
Today two sorts of sunflower seeds were placed into the soil and now it´s my job to keep the birds away from it, with a loud and resolute "maeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh", whenever one heads for the bed.

On Saturday we recieved some copies of the Milk Magazine from Hong Kong.

Have you seen the new herzensart logo already? It has been redesigned by Federbusch design and we are very happy with it. The little manikin had to go, instead we have embedded a little heart now.
In a few weeks herzensart dolls will also be available in a sweet shop that´s going to open in the South of France. Actually we are working on fulfilling their orders. More later, after their website is online.

Christa has done an interview with Sandra, which you can read here (interview language: German) Christa is the owner of letteria, which is a Swiss label for handmade paper goods. Check out her beautiful products.