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I´ve got a new friend

Loveys, may I introduce Lamb Chop to you?
She came all the long way from Kanada to Cologne. Barb, who is not only a wonderful, creative gardener but also a VERY sweet lady with a cute and "hyperactive" dog called Caspar, had found her in a thrift shop and thought Lamb Chop would make a perfect companion for me. And indeed there wouldn´t have been any better. Take a look at her face, isn´t she a sweety - always smiling... Believe it or not, I´ve learned that Lamb Chop is a famous sheep. She was part of a stage show and a TV show of Shari Lewis

Shari Lewis was a ventriloquist (Bauchredner) and puppeteer, she talked with various puppets and one of them was our smiling sweety "Lamb Chop". You really have to take a look at this youtube video, it´s gorgeous!

Dear Barb, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending me a fellow!


I made some linocuts lately and some prints with it, that are available and can be ordered by email. Fabric colors and patterns vary - a bit of a luck. But if there is a color that you really can´t stand, please drop me a line

3D - wallhanging - king: recycled cardboard, paper (text: "I was a frog", or "you are my king", handmade linocut print on fabric scraps, sewn, stuffed with polyfill.
The king can be removed from the cardboard, it is only fixed with a clip. He has a hanger loop and can be used as whatever you like. Together with the cardboard it also makes a lovely wallhanging. size of king: about 12 cm.

price: 12 Euro + shipping
bye for now. Talk more soon. Yours, Friederike! with Lamb Chop

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a garden vision

a peep at my brothers garden

Dear friends, do you love peeping into other peoples gardens as much as I do? Always lurking for creative ideas and the "little somethings" that make a garden so special?
I´m not an expert in gardening - not at all, although we have a small garden in our actual home as well, but after 2 years fighting against a sort of weed that devoured almost every plant I ever sticked in the ground, my will and energy was used up. And I accepted that weeds have a right to live as well. By the way I prefer natural and feral gardens anyway, people that cut their grass with nail scissors seem suspect to me.
But I take my hat off to everybody who chooses easily the right plants in the right combinations for the right place.

So I´m enthusiastic with the idea of learning how to crop a garden. I like the thought of creating a space in nature, combining plants and stones and wood, and playing with colors and textures and sounds and smells. Anybody who has an old frayed straw hat for me? ;-)

Some ideas I´ve collected, that I would love to realize:
a herb spiral, a stone garden, drift wood sculptures, a water stone, a wild flower aerea (hmmm they are my favorite dish), a wild grass circle around the old apple tree with a wooden lawn seat under the tree, birds houses in the tree and wind chimes, a swing in the shadow of the old tree, a compost, garden lanterns....... (to be continued)

Some inspirational pictures:
- a garden studio I visited a while ago: Karamulis (scroll down)
- the seaside garden of Green Wellies
- a blue painted garden house

I´m sure you have a lot of ideas and pictures as well, don´t you? You would make a blue sheep very happy if you´d like to share them. Yours Friederike!

Friday, June 15, 2007

"Push yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis"

[post by Sandra]

"Push yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis"

....with this advice ended a long interview with Keri Smith I read this week

After days of turbulences and several nights of broken sleeps, we made a decision on how to go on. It´s time to make a change. Change can shake up your world for a while.

But now after much head spinning and balancing we are ready to leave our comfort zone - our airy, spacy home that it was for the last 6 years. Writing this I realize that this is not the whole truth, or not anymore. After many doubts and questions, fears, anger and sadness my opinion has changed completely. Better to say: pushing ourself out of our old comfort zone into a new, different and maybe even better one

I feel blessed to overthink and set priorities new

I feel blessed to get the chance for a new start in a new home

I feel blessed to discover living on the country side

I feel blessed to reduce the monthly rent we have to pay

I feel blessed to go on my artist journey although this means a smaller living- and working space

I feel blessed to being forced to let go, let go much of the stuff I horted in the last years and that I don´t really need

I feel blessed of looking from my small studio into a hughe garden with apple and cherry trees, flowers and raspberries (so does Friederike!, looking forward to brooding over new ideas in the shadow of the old apple tree while mowing the grass)......... very soon
Gustav Klimt "Apfelbaum I", 1912