Sunday, February 25, 2007

weekend pleasures

  • a new beret from flobberdewotsky

  • I was interviewed by two very sweet people. Kathrin aka Naehzimmer and her husband Michael visited us for a podcast (I will tell you when it is published).
  • laughing our heads off while making videos. What cheek! Someone has stolen my beret

  • a perfect dinner at the home of wonderful friends

  • a sunday with cheesecake-breakfast in bed
  • (all eaten up, therefor no pic)

  • a sweet vintage book about handmade gifts found by Anja given to me

  • a vintage cabinet I fell in love with. Instead of IKEA it would be the better investement I guess. The part with the glass doors would be perfect for storing the fabrics. Probably I would give the wood a new paint. What do you think IKEA or this "space saving miracle"?

  • and a short Sunday post for today - bye bye, yours Friederike!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

jam, ribbon, pens and a selfportrait

a weekend full of surprises and gifts. My dearest friend Lady Mable Wingfield the most beautiful and intelligent hen on this blue planet, sent me metallic gel pens. Oh how these pens glitter.....
Then yesterday another surprise brought by the postman..... Australian homemade plum jam. Addictive! Not only that this jam is the most widely traveled homemade jam I´ve ever had, it is also the best - I swear!

My very talented friend Shula sent me a jar of this delicacy as she knows I love jam. And generous as she is, she also presented me the most beautiful ribbon I´ve ever seen - can you see the sheeps on it?

Thank you so much my dearest friends! You made me so very happy!

Sometimes I have trouble in not knowing my roots. So I thought a selfportrait could be a further step in finding myself, my selfhood and identity. Here it is

Have a nice Sunday! xox Friederike!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Friederike! Vol.2

Hello friends, this is my new favorite doll. I love her because I think she is a nice mixture of nice fabrics in nice colors - and the best is... she is available :)
But now, as promised here comes the brandnew film. After the incidents of the last days I saw no reason to take a new risk again. So the new shooting for Friederike! Vol. 2 went off without a hitch.

(Windows media player required)
bye, bye for now yours Friederike!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Dear friends,
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, they helped me to bounce back. I feel better again and as you can see only a plaster leads one to suspect that the unbelievable happened to me. 
I´m still traumatized. 
Not only your kind comments were very appreciated in these hard times, also the several genuine offers from famous movie directors
 that dropped in. Steven, Wim, Kenneth, Francis, I´m honored that you found me: let me tell you, the best offer wins...

I´ve learned in the last days, one
 benefit of being seriously ill is that they serve up your favorite dishes and bombard you with caresses and gifts.
One of the presents was a great craft book (which was recommened by 
including Kiki Smith, one of my favorite artists. Did I mention her before? :)

but also many artists I never heared of before, like Rachel Cattle.

Another gift was a collection of horn buttons from the flea market. Hand made and really beautiful!

So for today that should be enough, let´s start to work and one last hint. I´m working hard on Friederike! Vol.2.... stay tuned. Yours Friederike!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

fatal accident

[post by Sandra] sad news today....
After the tremendous success of Friederike! Vol.1, "herzensart productions" decided to film a sequel, called Friederike! Vol.2. Thereby the incredible accident happend: Friederike! was just about to dance the first Tango steps, when suddenly she twisted her right ankel (mit dem rechten Fuß umgeknickt). With a view to help her, I tried to grab her, but the only thing I could get was her tail and then it happened - Friederike! fell and I was standing there with her tail in my hand. Friederike! fainted and I was fighting hard not to faint too.

The doctor came and stitched the tail on again and dressed the wound.
Right now she is vigil comatose (Wachkoma)
Poor girl, pray with me that she wakes up very soon again.

After this shocking news, some good news at the end. Coxi released his brandnew "Life fever", a blog dealing with fashion and design, art, architecture and craft. Don´t miss to visit!
So long for today, your guilty feeling, Sandra