Thursday, December 27, 2007

latest finds

just a few pics/links I want to share with you today.

new studio of Karin Eriksson.

this bead bulb lamp by Hella Jongerius makes me........................nuts!!! I want it.... so badly...........stop me from robbing a bank (found through Debi)

if I don´t end up in prison I´m buying this lamp as well (photograph and home of Camilla Engman)

Thinking a lot about clothing, style & art in the last days and how bringing these together to a good mixture, like Danny Mansmith does so very well

Last but not least, gifts from Graça

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry X-mas to you!

X-mas time is family timeX-mas 1971... S. and her two cousins at the grandmothers house... if you click on the picture to enlarge, you can see the chocolate leaves around the mouth... some things never change

so we will light the 4th candle in Bavaria ...

crocheted wreath from mein herzblut

Wishing you all a joyfull Christmas time!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ok you asked for it, here it comes

recipe for Mohnstrudel - poppy seed strudel ..........without any guarantee, because I´ve googled the stuffing. So please tell me if it works, if not, try to find out who made it public and give him/her a punch :)

gleicher Teig wie Haselnusskranz (siehe letzter Post) / same dough as Hazelnut ring (see last below)

Mohnfuellung / poppy seed stuffing :

200g geriebener Mohn / 200 g grounded poppy seed
nicht ganz 3 EL Milch / nearly 3 tablespoons milk
6 EL Zucker / 6 tablespoons sugar
geriebene Schale einer halben Zitrone / lemon zest of a half lemon
eine Prise Zimt / a dash cinnamon
50g Butter / 50 grammes butter
80g Rosinen / 80 grammes raisins
2 EL Honig / 2 tablespoons honey
1 großes Stamperl (haha, hoffentlich versteht ihr das) Rum / 1 jigger rum

Die Milch mit dem Honig und dem Zucker aufkochen und dann den Mohn einrühren. Alles noch einmal aufkochen lassen und die restlichen Zutaten beifuegen, vom Herd nehmen und erkalten lassen.

Bring the milk with honey and sugar to a boil and stir in the poppy seeds. Bring to a short boil again and add the remaining ingredients. Remove from the oven and let cool down.

The Cologne Newspaper (Koelnische Rundschau vom 04.12.2007) wrote an articel about the "Kaufen und Kaffee 2007" show and published a pic of our herzensart stall.

KITSUNE NOIR made a nice post about our vikings yesterday.
Happy baking and don´t forget to send me a pic of your Mohnstrudel :)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

baking season declared open...

... I started with my beloved Haselnusskranz (hazelnut ring). It´s in a Haselnusskranz´s nature that it is best consumed before X-mas :o)

Here comes the recipe:
aus folgenden Zutaten einen Teig kneten/ use your hooves (or hands) to make a dough out of these ingredients:
300 g Mehl / 300 grammes flour
2 gestrichene TL Backpulver / 2 teaspoons baking powder
100g Zucker / 100 grammes sugar
1 Paeckchen Vanillezucker / 1 tablespoon Vanilla (if you have a small package vanilla sugar better use this)
1 Ei / 1 egg
2 EL Milch oder Wasser / 2 tablespoons milk or water
125 g kalte Butter / 125 grammes cold butter
fuer die Fuellung/ for the stuffing
200g gemahlene Haselnuesse / 200 grammes grounded hazelnuts
100 g Zucker / 100 grammes sugar
4-5 Tropfen Bittermandeloel / 4-5 drops oil of bitter almonds
1/2 Eigelb / 1/2 egg yolk
1 Eiweiss / 1 egg white
3-4 EL Wasser / 3-4 Tablespoons water
Ei-Anstrich / Egg paint (so to say....)
1/2 Eigelb + 1 EL Milch verquirlen / whisk 1/2 egg yolk with 1 tablespoon milk
Den Teig zu einem Rechteck (ca. 35x45cm) ausrollen. und mit der Haselnussfuellung bestreichen. Den Teig nun aufrollen und zu einem Kranz formen, auf ein gefettes Backblech (oder mit Backpapier ausgelegtes Backblech) legen und mit dem Ei-Milch-Gemisch bestreichen. Kranz sternfoermig einschneiden und im vorgeheizten Ofen bei 175 Grad (Umfluft) oder 200 Grad Ober-Unterhitze etwa 45 Minuten backen.
On a floured surface roll out the dough to a rectangle (size about 35x45 cm or 13,8 inch x 17,8 inch). Evenly lay on the hazelnut stuffing. Roll up the dough and form a circle/ring.
Line a baking sheet with parchement paper and brush the ring with the egg paint. Then take a knife to make small starry cuts into the dough (wohooooo my English..... better take a look at the photograph) . Preheat oven to 175 degrees C / 350 Fahrenheit and bake for 45 minutes.

The gorgeous Small Magazine has featured our herzensart angels. That makes us superduperhappy! Take a look here

Friday, December 07, 2007

six years dreaming

I´m dreaming - occassionally. Probably I´m dreaming every night, but it is not that often that I wake up and remember what I had dreamed about. I´ve read that a human spends a total of about six years dreaming, which is about 2 hours each night. Five minutes after the end of a dream, we have forgotten 50 percent of the dream's content. Ten minutes later, we've forgotten 90 percent of its content.
Unfortunately it is the "bad" dreams that stay in mind, those leaving you with a really bad feeling and making your heart beat faster when remembering them, while you´re hardly trying to forget them. But it will be exactly these dreams that you will be able to recall for years.
Blessed who´s got a dream guardian.... six years nice dreaming :o)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

weekend impressions - Kaufen und Kaffee 2007

herzensart booth in the ambience of the old church
the kids loved the angels and vikings. A few more pics here
Last weekend was the first fair we participated in person. It was a real gain in experience and gave me new ideas and impulses for the future and my artist way. Now, that the effort of the last weeks dropped off, my body signalized unambiguously that it´s time for a little rest.
So I´m looking forward to finish some open orders, take the time for reading and decorating the house, baking cookies and enjoying the pre-Christmas-period.
We´ve updated the herzensart shop for the last time this year