Tuesday, November 06, 2007

with eyes wide open

my life in the last days would have made a good example of Murphys law. But who wants to hear my complains?
Playing with fabrics led me to a new version of vikings that I´d like to share with you... It´s been interesting to see, how changing litttle details can have a significant effect and give a new meaning to a doll.
I´m sending some of these new vikings to this show don´t miss this:
art with polymer clay by Meredith Dittmar
and felted objects by Blyth


shula said...


beruta said...

Those fabrics are great! So elegant vickings!

Das Musenkind said...

You never made such ästhetic vikings!
Keep it up!

coloredsock said...

these are awesome. i love them. just the inspiration i was needing, too! have a beautiful week.