Thursday, October 04, 2007

a few, new bits

due to a public holiday in Germany yesterday my Biorythmus reacts with confusion and makes me believe that we have Monday (dear native English speakers, I haven´t found any English word for "Biorythmus". Is it really true that there is no equivalent in the English language? You don´t want to make me believe, that you are not slaves of your Biorythmus, don´t you?)

But enough on a few, new bits which is located in Berlin offers a tasteful selection of fabrics and wrote about herzensart . Thank you so much Linda!

Thanks to a dear sponsor I´m taking my Rooibosh-Caramel-Cream-tea now from my very own cup, which is a good thing, because there is no chance that S. mixes up mine with hers anymore and avoids any further discussions on that. Thank you Bogi!
We are working hard on a new series of vikings for a little show we participating end of November and at the same time on new organic dolls, all made from organic fabrics and stuffed with Kapok. I must admit that Kapok is not my favorite stuffing material to work with. One can say it is breathtaking, it goes into the air and you breathe it in, after you have finished working with it you will find it everywhere and when I say everywhere, I really mean everywhere...
is this a spectacular studio view? Have a look at the website of Jenny Kostecki as well!
Now back to tea and sewing machine...


shula said...

Biorhythm is, I think, the English equivalent.

And is that you on the cup?

beadbabe49 said...

Is that wonderful studio view the view from your studio?

Florence said...

Yes, Shula is right we call it Biorhythm :0)

I've awarded you the "Nice Matters" award. see my blog for details.


Friederike! said...

@shula: oh thank you, sometimes it can be so easy :o)

@beadbabe49: unfortunately not. This gorgeous view is part of Jenny Kosteckis studio.

@florence: thank you very much for the award! :o)

Michael said...

Friederike!, I'm also nolt a native speaker. But German/english:

That sounds logically, or what do you think?

That Kapok stuff isn't only bad for your lungs, also for the whole house. Or my clothes. Or my hairs. You're right: everywhere!
But it's organic, so we don't have to be fret about our health....


alexandra said...

I just can't believe it. I'm almost on the other side of the world and we have the same cup!!!!!