Sunday, September 23, 2007

the family grows

yesterday was a wonderful late summer day. We spent the day in the garden, collecting apples, that drop down from the trees with a dull "plopp", having sweet apple pie and enjoying the sun.
This perfect day was topped by a surprise package flying in from Oregon ....... Pino {I´m sure you remember the story of the pie baking donkey} sent me this lovely package.
and what it hided inside was this gorgeous, cute, apron wearing donkey. It´s stuffed with lavender from the farm and smells heavenly! {art by Katherine Dunn}Pino, dear Pino, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


shula said...

You're lucky, Friederike!, that the customs officers didn't keep him for themselves.

Very beautiful donkey.

Marieke said...

That's just the sweetiest donkey I've seen

beadbabe49 said... friederike has a new friend!

shepherdgirl said...

Friederike!, I am writing for Pino here, he is busy answering your lovely letter you just wrote. You know how slow he writes, so I am writing here becasue he, we are so happy you like your package of surprises! Now the two of you can be a bit closer. It is heartbreaking you are so far away from Pino. We are so glad you are making pie!

Uschi said...

this donkey!!!
What a gift!!

Anonymous said...

How absolutely adorable wow, what a beautiful gift!!

Ulla said...

The two of you share hearts from the same soul! Lovely!