Wednesday, August 29, 2007

don´t worry, be hippie!

after watching several docus on TV about the "summer of love" and movies like "I love you Alice B. Toklas", I wondered what makes a hippie? It took me several hours of meditation and enjoying hughe amounts of brownies until I found the answer ........
......a hippy bus! No hippie, without a hippie bus!

NOTE: pictures best viewed after consuming some groovy Alice B. Toklas brownies

Love & Piece friends! Yours Friederike!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

the joy of giving

after a spontaneous trip to the next garden center, we took the way back home through the woods and I fell in love with this landscape... If I should make a list of my favorite animals - which I wouldn´t do, as I love all creatures - but if ... donkeys would be atop (together with sheeps and cats, no question...) Here is one more reason why I love donkeys so much. Pino is "a little donkey who lives with many sheeps and cats and all kind of animals on Apifera farm in Oregon, USA. He has "a heart so big, that people and creatures are drawn to him, calmed by him". Pino also bakes pies and gives it away to make people feel remembered, just for the simple joy of giving and to make another person happy.

That´s the idea behind Pino´s Pies

and this is what Katherine Dunn, Pino´s friend and a great artist says:
"When I first saw the joy our little donkey Pino Blangiforti brought to so many people, I began to share him by taking him on short visits to nearby farm neighbors, and we always arrived with a home baked pie. The artist's goal is to expand this idea by sharing her little donkey Pino, with home made pie, with nursing homes, and others in need of cheer and companionship. Meanwhile, Pino's Pies aims to encourage worldwide participation by encouraging readers and Pino fans to reach out in their own communities, and bake one pie and deliver it to a chosen recipient. We hope to gather pictures from all over the world. "

A brilliant idea! You can do what I did and become a Pino´s Pies Ambassador!

yours, Friederike!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

softies - the book

we are so proud to be in this book, which should have been released yesterday (August 13th) by Penguin books Australia. Our copy of the book came on Saturday, it was such a wonderful surprise and distraction.
14 talented designers from around the world have submitted patterns for this lovely book. We contributed 2 patterns, the
herzensart "guardian angel" and a "mad dog". I have no details yet where it will be available, but there is some information on the publishers website. A big thank you to Carly, who organised a Soft toy exhibition last year we participated which brought the book into being.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

it is done!

hello friends, this is the first post I´m writing from my new home. We moved into the new house last Saturday, and now after a few days living here, what can I tell you? It´s been the best decision ever. I love to be in the garden, watching the apples falling from the tree and I´m honestly thinking of a living outside - yes would be normal for a sheep... We are preparing now room by room and the first 20 packing cases of about 130 are already unpacked. Life is sweet as my friend Mabel uses to say.... More pics will come, stay tuned.... bye for now
PS: thanks for all your lovely comments on Marie´s drawings. I´m convinced you made her happy and such a great feedback is the best motivation to go on, right?