Thursday, July 12, 2007

where Doc, Wyatt & Bill met

after we removed the wallpaper in the living room yesterday, we recognized that this must have been a western saloon in former times, where wild shootings had taken place.... WOW!


shula said...

The walls look great like that.

bogi said...

uh, and I saw some more last weekend :) how is it going? are you alright?
hope to see you soon. give me a call if you need help.
Bogi :-*

Uschi said...

oh Mann!
Hallo Sandra! Hier mal ein ordentliches Hallo von mir!
Ich hab schon ab und zu mal auf deiner Seite geguckt- es ist so fröhlich und freundlich hier!

Diese Wand....warum enden Renovierungsarbeiten so oft mit archäologischen Ausgrabungen?
Aber's hat was!!