Friday, June 29, 2007

an "experimental film"

Caution: only watch if you are free from giddiness (schwindelfrei)


shula said...

This is the New Garden?

What fun.

All those nooks and crannies, and flowerbeds.

Makes my fingers itch.

elisa said...

That is your green paradise!

I like it very much as it is, but can't wait untill next summer to see it. After you waved your golden stardust all over it.

Lots of happy days for you here.

sonia said...

es sieht etwas beweglich aus!!! Schöne garten.
Gruss aus Bern

xt said...

you running crazy of hapiness in your new garden!!i guess!wish house is that yours, the beautiful old or the new one??beautiful to :-))