Sunday, April 08, 2007


and ... the winner of "Germany´s next Top Doll" contest" is: Sissi! Thanks to all who voted. The girls and me appreciated your participation very much.
Sissi asked for a winners price and I said, well I must admit I haven´t thought about this yet. So guys, any ideas?
and... if you ever think of washing your placemats. STOP! Don't do it! NEVER!
Even if they tell you the placemats are washable with hot or boiling water: NO! Never trust a washing instruction! Otherwise....
and if you ever want to sew a skirt and you have no idea how to start with that project, it´s good to have a friend like Anja! Thank you Anja to induct me patiently into the mysteries of Burda patterns! happy weekend,


Mlle Smith said...

Is that really the same placemat?! Nooooo, this must be a joke my gullible self is falling for! I actually like the post-wash placemat, too. :0l

I'm happy that Sissi won, particularly because I believed in her from the start. lol :0)

Sonya said...

The post wash placemat looks like an avant gard table setting. Congrats to Sissi and Happy Easter to all!

shula said...

Love those shoes at the bottom.

tonja_raeubertochter said...

hallo sandra!
der saum sieht ja super aus!
i hope you wear that skirt when we meet next time! ;-)

big hug from bonn

Barbara said...

Das ist ja eine supermegatolle Seite!! Werde immer mal wieder nach Friederike schauen.
Liebe Grüße Barbara

Smila said...

Oh je...das Tischset sieht ja aus...obwohl...das ist ja schon fast ein Kunstwerk! :-D

Und was mir SOFORT aufgefallen ist: supi Schuhe!!!

LG, Smila

Florence said...

Sissi Won!! what about a first prize ribbon?

and, wow, if I use placemats in the future I'll be sure to remember your sage advice! (great photo by the way)


cristina salvador said...

Congratulations Sissi ;)))))

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for Sissi, she deserves.She´s a real princess.
Love Edien

linas traumwerkstatt said...


Der Rock ist ja genial toll ;O))

LG Christina