Saturday, April 28, 2007

I´ve been tagged

I was tagged by Beate
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1. currently I´m in a "less-is-more" mode. I will part with a lot of the material stuff that is surrounding me. I started with my closet this week and gave away 4 big bags with clothes I haven´t worn since years, or I was never in love with (but there are still a few things I retained, even I don´t wear it)
2. I hate going to the hair-dresser. In fact I do, but it´s more of a necassary evil than pleasure.
3. I have no tattoo
4. I wish to live in a house by the sea, an volcanic island like Lanzarote would be perfect for me
5. I love African Ballads like Desert Blues; Ambiances du Sahara. Everytime I´m troubled, they help me to calm down
6. I feel a magical connection to Niki de Saint Phalle. Her life, her art, her relationship with Jean Tinguely touches something deep inside of me. She is a strong source of inspiration for my own life and art.

7. Thinking of finitiness of everybodies life, sometimes makes me very sad

I hope these 7 people haven´t been tagged before:
Bogi, Anja, Mariek, Florence, Shula, Elisa, Mlle Smith

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

good morning ...

... my first outside breakfast this year and I thought it would be nice to make some photographs of the morning mood that is surrounding me. Wish I could add some fragrance of the blooming wisteria to this post, to make you smell it... it´s infatuating andinflows the house when the doors are open....
Take a first look at wonderful pictures of a photo shooting (kids playing with my dolls) made by my friend Bogi

A new viking was born yesterday: no.10, also known as "viking long horns" :)
Wish you a lucky day! Friederike!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

viking maniac

new work: viking backpack. It was quite tricky to find out how to make, but now it´s done and I´m in love with it.made from brown cotton babyroy, dotted cotton fabrics, Amy Butler fabric cheeks, white recycled IKEA cotton curtain, checkered linen, cotton band, polyester band, clasps) hand and machine-embroidered; horns and feet stuffed with polyfill; size from horns to feet: about 44 cm. Carprine horn button on the back. The backpack can be filled from the back. Did I forget something?

one of our dolls was published in a Portuguese magazine. Doll no.3 is enthroned in one of the fantastic pictures of the colorful home of artist Graça Paz. Graça´s house has been featured in many magazines before, it is really unique and everything in this home shows her very personal style. Thank you Graça! 12 vikings will leave us soon and will capture Chicago.... Yes, I´m a bit sad, I must confess...the little viking is also on the way, he´s a little surprise for someone special....
Have a sunny weekend... Friederike!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rosi in Love?

Rosi had just sat down to enjoy her Ruccola Salad for lunch (yes, only boring Ruccola salad, because Rosi is on diet since 2 days), when the door bell rang. Being on edge through the lack of food, she asked me to open the door and so I did. To my surprise it was the postman, carrying a package, addressed to Rosi.
on top a little drawing of birds who crow "Rosi, we love you!"
the sender´s name of this package
Rosi was so surprised and excited - she even forgot that she actually wanted to eat her salad in peace - it took only 2,5 seconds and the package was open.
The box contained 3 lovely wrapped gift packages and a letter saying "Rosi"
Rosi grabbed the letter and read: "Werthe Rosi, bitte verzeihen Sie meine Kuehnheit Ihnen heute ein paar landestypische Koestlichkeiten aus meiner Heimat zukommen zu lassen!"................"Die Aussicht auf ein Kennenlernen laesst mein Herz wild und leidenschaftlich schlagen. Mein Hahnenkamm faerbt sich feuerrot und........................." Unfortunately I´m not allowed to translate this exactly, because Rosi said that letters are always private and therefor confidential. So.....
But I tell you only so much (or less) it was a very passionate letter..........................
Rosi´s cheecks turned pink and she had to read the lines once again................ Then she remembered the 3 gifts and unwrapped the packages. Hmmmmmmmmmm delicious very british goodies appeared....Forgetting her diet plans at once, Rosi couldn´t resist and snatched up the After Eight box and what a joy........................... Lord Spencer Nightingale exactly knows what girls desire.I had to know who had turned our Rosi´s head - who this Lord was - and started an extensive search. And I found someone who sent me a portrait drawing of him. Here he is, Rosis ardent worshipper....
(rooster portrait artist: C.Rose)
Will Rosi answer the Lord´s prayers? Are goodies sufficient to win Rosi´s heart? Will these two turtle doves be the lovers of the year? I´m curious about it. Your´s Friederike!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


and ... the winner of "Germany´s next Top Doll" contest" is: Sissi! Thanks to all who voted. The girls and me appreciated your participation very much.
Sissi asked for a winners price and I said, well I must admit I haven´t thought about this yet. So guys, any ideas?
and... if you ever think of washing your placemats. STOP! Don't do it! NEVER!
Even if they tell you the placemats are washable with hot or boiling water: NO! Never trust a washing instruction! Otherwise....
and if you ever want to sew a skirt and you have no idea how to start with that project, it´s good to have a friend like Anja! Thank you Anja to induct me patiently into the mysteries of Burda patterns! happy weekend,