Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vroni and Heidi

Vroni and Heidi like to go out for ride today. They are too shy to walk alone and need a protective hoof by their side. They are lovely little country girls, so I´d love to show them the big world, but first let´s start with the city of Cologne.

Vroni (black hair) - Heidi (brown hair)

It´s for the first time that we accepted a retail order. herzensart vikings will capture Chicago in a few weeks. We are so excited about that and will soon tell more.

Maybe more later, Friederike!


Shula said...


Girls are doing commissions.

So beautiful.

Smila said...

Die sind beide allerliebst. :-)))

LG, Smila

linas traumwerkstatt said...

Sooo süüüüßßß sind die beiden :)))

LG Christina

marieke said...

Those beautiful girls will be well protected! And retail go girl!