Thursday, March 15, 2007


Update: these honeybunnies are longing for new homes. They are available here or you can also send an email, if you would like to adopt one :o)
I´m sitting on the terrace enjoying the sun on my skin and watching the first bumblebees visiting the narcissus. It´s spring again. I love this time of year, everything is so full of life, you wake up in the morning with the singing of the birds and the sun illuminates the home and soul. Even my new dolls are inspired by this airy time of the year. I´m working on a spring collection, one could call them modern bavarian dolls (hehe), they are wearing traditional costumes with pinafores. This is the first of this new series. What do you think about it?

But things go slowly in these days, I´m still not totally recovered, although it´s the 3rd week of being ill. I guess my immune system is not the best. I should work on it.

I love this textile sculputers of Karine Jollet
I wish I would live in this house
Happy spring time! yours Friederike!


bogi said...

Good morning Friederike! + Sandra!!
So cute this little pinafore with the lace, and the colors are maiden like which lets her look a little bit shy ;) Go on with your Bavarian spring-dolls!
This house looks great, are you two seriously giving thougt to live there?

Have a further nice and sunny spring-day,

xxoxx Bogi.

Shula said...

Happy Spring back at you.

Of course, it's Autumn here, but it's the best season for Melbourne. All that golden light and warm, but not too hot, days.

My favourite.

Sonya said...

I love the sunshine and that green smell in the air. And the rabbits? well they do multiply.

Barb said...

You could take one half of that sweet house and I'll take the other...I've always wanted to live next door to a blue sheep!
Your modern Bavarian doll is perfect and I could just see her working away in the front garden of the house. Happy spring here, too, with birds singing and crocus everywhere.

Smila said...

Hi Friederike!
Schön, dass du mich besucht hast und ich dadurch dein schönes Blog entdeckt habe.
Die Farbenmix Stickdateien dürfen exklusiv von zwei Frauen im Kundenauftrag gefertigt werden.
Für die Alpenglühen Serie ist das Marilena (

Darf ich dich verlinken? ;-)

LG, Smila

Anonymous said...

Toller Blog und ja das Haus würde mir auch gefallen. Was ich total witzig finde, wir waren im September in einem Hotel auf Sardinien da wimmelte es von Plüschschafen ;o) - allerdings keine blauen und deines würde perfekt dazu passen ;o). Die waren im ganzen Hotel platziert, räkelten sich auf dem Bett, eines stand am Pool etc.

Mlle Smith said...

Awww, I miss that! When I lived in Frankfurt there were birds chirping about outside...clean air...and FOLIAGE!!

Here in NYC, there's a huge snow storm and ice everywhere. (grumble, grumble) I want spring too. :0(

Beate said...

Das Haus würde mir auch gefallen...

Marieke said...

Oh my your new dolls are so lovely, I so do like their personalities. Thanks also for the Karine Jollet link, I've been in a total Oh and Ah state just looking at them!

And living in that house surely would be a total dream, to be honest so is yours for me. From what I've seen on your flickr-account you have a lovely house as well, looks like you have lot's of space.

elisa said...

Hello Sandra, I love you're Bavarian-doll, I wonder if 'Lederhosen' are a Bavarian-clothing-style.
And that house would really suit you!
Spring-love, elisa.

(with my new blog account I now can leave my comment here :-), until now it never seemed to work)

leslie said...

i loooove your bunnies, they are perfect!