Monday, March 26, 2007

please vote

we had a fotoshooting for "Germany´s next Top Doll". In the beginning our girls behaved a bit camera shy, but after some coaching by Bruce Darnell, they warmed up and in the end they really loved it. tatatataaaa, here are the candidates. Please vote for your favorite! Thank you! yours, Friederike!


Desirée said...

Hi Frederike,
I just wanted to say hi because I love your arts so much and your blog too.It is always very inspiring to me and I will visit again soon!!xoxo Desirée

Friederike! said...

Hi Desirée, thank you for your visit, you are always very welcome!
cheers, Friederike!

Søren said...

Can I really vote somewhere? I vote for the fourth one!

linas traumwerkstatt said...

Hallo Friederike !

Habe gerade abgestimmt :O))

Für Rosi !!

LG Christina

Friederike! said...

Dear Soeren, thank you for voting! I hope you found the button?
Liebe Christina, danke insbesondere im Namen von Rosi!

Mlle Smith said...

I'm really loving Sissi right now, and I think it's because of the long tresses...very supermodel-like! :0)

Virginia said...

I vote to sisii but Im not sure if working :).

shula said...

That was a tough choice.

But I backed Rosi.

Who, to my amazement, is on long odds.

With that hairdo?

tonja_raeubertochter said...

i hope rosi will make up leeway!
(i don't know if it is the right expression?) i hope she will make it!

Lady Mabel Wingfield said...

Rosi is so lovely und charming. Is she still maried? I have a cousin... Maybe Lord Spencer Nightingale will have an opportunity to win her heart?

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Just voted "Leni" ;-)

Yours Ingo

Smila said...

Das ist aber wirklich nicht leicht! Aber ich habe gewählt. ;-)

LG, Smila

Marieke said...

Oh this is such a fun contest but oh so difficult... Rosi is the one I finally choose but it was a close call ;0) I think they are all super cute!

Florence said...

Well, Sissi has my vote. Great tip this polling site, the interface looks great (which is so important :)


Friederike! said...

thank you all who have given your vote and left a comment here.
The contest gets on the girl´s nerves, but they have to stand it until next Friday 12:00 a.m.
yours, Friederike!

@Lady Mable Wingfiel: Rosi asked for a picture of Lord Spencer Nightingale. Another question, is he moneyed?

Anonymous said...

Hallo Friederike!
I had a difficult time in making my choice but finally deciding for Sissi and for her nice pigtails and blue robe. Great idea!!

Mirre said...

This is my first time visiting your blog... I love your beautiful dolls!
I voted too: it's Leni for me!

Nic said...


... das lauf-coaching mit bruce hätte ich gern hätte ich gern als videoclip! ;o)

lg, nic