Saturday, March 31, 2007

grape jam from Pico

the blogging world is a "crazy" thing! A few days ago, I got an email from a nice lady from Pico, a small Azores island. Not only that Maria wanted to adopt a guardian angel, she had come across my blog and read in an earlier post that I love jam (especially Shula´s Australian plum jam). She told me that her mother makes delicious jam from grapes and asked me if I would like to try it. I never had grape jam before, so who could resist this generous offer? Not me.

And so, only a few days later the postman rang and brought me a package from Pico. Isn´t that sweet? From left to the right: a set of bookmarks made by the gorgeous Ana Ventura, a lovely selfmade potholder, then the world´s best grape jam (really!, it´s so hmmmmm) and many informations about Pico, which must be a paradisiac volcanic island. I am so happy. Thank you so much Maria! You made my weekend! Yours, Friederike!

Also a short update to "Germany`s next Top Doll Contest". If you haven´t done so already ... you can cast your vote until Friday 6th of April). After some occurences between the girls, I´m considering to give the contest a new name.... "Germany´s next Drama Queen". Must think of that...


shula said...

It seems that I have serious competition as Most Delicious Jam Supplier.

Make in interesting reality tv show.

Mlle Smith said...

This is too funny...I'm imagining a cat fight between "the girls". :0)

I love jam...preferably between peanut butter, bananas, and delicious American sandwich bread. DIVINE...


Florence said...

I love packages in the mail...sweet treats from distant lands sounds very nice. the sounds of things, you might have to share the jam with the girls to get them to settle down :)


Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet package Pico sounds so far away and exotic. How fun to receive it. Isn't blogging great. Not sure how I landed on your blog but I love it.

bogi said...

lucky you!
getting jam from all over the world, didn't know that sheep like this stuff that ;)
you really have fans outhere - isn't that great??

hugs + kisses to you and Sandra!!

Maria - from Pico said...

No fights,I promiss!
Thanks for your post! I'm glad all of you got curious about Pico ... and the grape jam! That´s the idea .. to let you know an unknown paradise.
By the way, someone else wants to swap his or her jam (or something else)with mine?