Sunday, February 25, 2007

weekend pleasures

  • a new beret from flobberdewotsky

  • I was interviewed by two very sweet people. Kathrin aka Naehzimmer and her husband Michael visited us for a podcast (I will tell you when it is published).
  • laughing our heads off while making videos. What cheek! Someone has stolen my beret

  • a perfect dinner at the home of wonderful friends

  • a sunday with cheesecake-breakfast in bed
  • (all eaten up, therefor no pic)

  • a sweet vintage book about handmade gifts found by Anja given to me

  • a vintage cabinet I fell in love with. Instead of IKEA it would be the better investement I guess. The part with the glass doors would be perfect for storing the fabrics. Probably I would give the wood a new paint. What do you think IKEA or this "space saving miracle"?

  • and a short Sunday post for today - bye bye, yours Friederike!


Anonymous said...

The space saving miracle definetely :) it's GORGEOUS :) I can see it already with a lighter patina of old white....beautiful !

bogi said...

* Nice beret! You look really cooool ;)

* I'm looking forward listen to the podcast, you famous sheep!

* it's a shame that we only see pics and no VIDEO!

*oh, wasn't it delicious??

* hmmm...a whole cheesecake after this dinner???

* lovely little book!

* this is wonderful! Throw out IKEA-stuff imideatley.

Just fell in ove or got it already??


ps: have some kind of song in mey ears running around (Ohrwurm)
"sheep to shore" *ggg*

shula said...

Oh that cabinet is marvellous!

And love the hat.

leslie said...

space saving miracle! SPACE SAVING MIRACLE!

Barb said...

I'm a huge fan of IKEA, but that cabinet is too good to pass up. It looks like it came from an old store and with your fabric in it, the picture would be's fabulous! I checked out the website that your beret came from and almost ran to get my sunglasses...very bright and colourful.

pagegalaxy said...

Thank you for your honor! We enjoyed to create a "perfect" dinner for our firends. We are anxious to the next perfect dinner. For sure it will be terrific and delicious.

yours Ingo

monika said...

The beautiful old cabinet... You are so lucky, in Europe it seems so much easier still to get some of the vintage furniture. I her so much from my parents generation how nobody wants the "Alte Moebel", yet here in Canada so many people would go crazy over them..... Ikea will always be there... the old cabinet not...

risa said...

the cabinet for sure! those glass doors are fabulous. if you don't take it i might! (sheesh, could you imagine what it would cost to send that to ecuador or the u.s.?)

Mlle Smith said...

I have the feeling there is no such thing as "vintage Ikea" when it comes to furniture...there stuff just doesn't last long!

So, this vintage cabinet is DEFINITELY the better investment, in my opinion! :0)

(Must consider better storage for my supplies...)