Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Dear friends,
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, they helped me to bounce back. I feel better again and as you can see only a plaster leads one to suspect that the unbelievable happened to me. 
I´m still traumatized. 
Not only your kind comments were very appreciated in these hard times, also the several genuine offers from famous movie directors
 that dropped in. Steven, Wim, Kenneth, Francis, I´m honored that you found me: let me tell you, the best offer wins...

I´ve learned in the last days, one
 benefit of being seriously ill is that they serve up your favorite dishes and bombard you with caresses and gifts.
One of the presents was a great craft book (which was recommened by 
including Kiki Smith, one of my favorite artists. Did I mention her before? :)

but also many artists I never heared of before, like Rachel Cattle.

Another gift was a collection of horn buttons from the flea market. Hand made and really beautiful!

So for today that should be enough, let´s start to work and one last hint. I´m working hard on Friederike! Vol.2.... stay tuned. Yours Friederike!


shula said...



bogi said...

great you're feeling better!
go on and hugs to Sandra!

Florence said...

Frederike, I'm glad to hear you're healing nicely.

and am glad you like the book ;)


tonja_raeubertochter said...
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tonja_raeubertochter said...

great you're feeling better! I like the picture of you and the cat!

Sonya said...

Frederike, the trauma will pass. Your cultural alacrity delights me. Kiki Smith is one of my favorites as well.

Virginia Valle G said...

Your blog is very beautiful I hope we can exchange links of course if you dont mind

Jade said...

what a relief that Friederike is okay!
I've got that BY HAND book too, it's lovely. And at the same time i got me a big beautiful Kiki Smith book - lovely too!
Your horn buttons look marvellous.