Sunday, February 18, 2007

jam, ribbon, pens and a selfportrait

a weekend full of surprises and gifts. My dearest friend Lady Mable Wingfield the most beautiful and intelligent hen on this blue planet, sent me metallic gel pens. Oh how these pens glitter.....
Then yesterday another surprise brought by the postman..... Australian homemade plum jam. Addictive! Not only that this jam is the most widely traveled homemade jam I´ve ever had, it is also the best - I swear!

My very talented friend Shula sent me a jar of this delicacy as she knows I love jam. And generous as she is, she also presented me the most beautiful ribbon I´ve ever seen - can you see the sheeps on it?

Thank you so much my dearest friends! You made me so very happy!

Sometimes I have trouble in not knowing my roots. So I thought a selfportrait could be a further step in finding myself, my selfhood and identity. Here it is

Have a nice Sunday! xox Friederike!


shula said...

That self-portrait is making me laugh my hat off.

Glad the jam made it.

bogi said...

Hey Friederike!
Try to leave some of this jam over, waiting for the next breakfast-invitation ;)
Your selfportrait is soooo lovely ;)

Beate said...

I fall in love to your selfportrait

Sonya said...

Amazing, I think you really capture yourself.

Mlle Smith said...

That jam looks really delish and I'm on a diet right now which basically means I'm suffering from excruciating torture...and staring at that Aussie jam! :0)

Barb said...

Lucky you didn't get any hoof prints of jam on your self-portrait when you were stitching away.

Florence said...

Plum Jam is also my favourite.

love the mini-me, Friederike :)