Monday, January 15, 2007

visit our "new" website

tough hours of webiste-redesining lie behind us. Many thanks to Michael from the heart and sorry that you can count now 3 grey hairs (more). What would we do without you? We love you!!! :)
xox Friederike! and Sandra


fariada said...

Dear Sandra and Friederike,

I kind of fell in love with your world a while ago. I am always impressed with the beauty and the purity of your creations, it is what touches me the most. No doubt that the thornbird series is a "quintessence" is this sense.
I am amazed at how your artdolls and angels, carriers of purity and delicacy, also become full of personality, and poignant characters. I love that. I myself am an angel-lover/maker, and I apprreciate yours. As for the new look of your site, it makes me feel like entering a land of magic. Therefore, congratulations!
And oh your "taurus" just broke my heart.

Take care,

abbyjane said...

I love you site, Sandra. Very very nice! Your work looks so serene - I like all the white.

simplequirk said...

awesome in every way. i am in love! lol esp. with that cute viking leaning sideways. but, oh, he's gone, now.

Michael said...

yes, the new design is great :-)
But what do you mean with "more" grey hairs? Do you think this would help:

'til the next redesign,

PS: and I love you too!