Sunday, July 30, 2006

winds of change

Last weekend I spent a day on River Rhine. It was so relaxing and I had a feeling of holiday just around the corner. A warm summerwind was blowing and made me longing for a life near by the sea, with walks on the beach in the late afternoon, picking up drift wood, dipping my feet into the cold water and listening to the sound of the seagulls.... maybe some day

discovered artists: Beatrice Oettinger (german website), Emily Barletta, Diana Fayt (via Lisa Congdon)
love, Friederike!

Monday, July 24, 2006

summer in the city

Hello friends, I´m back... and it´s still hot! hot! hot! in town. There´s a lot I have to do this week, so only a short post for today...

Do you remember when I told you I would love to own a mobile gallery?
Here is one. "The little league" is a mobile shop - a showcase for handmade silkscreenprints and fashion, to designertoys and books. Isn´t that cool?

This dog I made as a birthday gift for a friend of mine . Bogi is a very talented photographer and painter. Also check out her flickr album.

and one more link: I love kunstkaufhaus Ost

It´s 2p.m. and I really have to start working now.... :-)

CU later,


Sunday, July 16, 2006


I´ll be back soon, have a good time! :-)
Sheepkisses, Friederike!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

creative spirit

dream guardians at night

Good morning, it´s half past eight and I´m thinking of all the annoying things must be done today. As Sandra´s giving a party on Saturday, I have to come to the aid of her. The grass has to be mowed, (ok that´s no problem for me...), the terrace to be cleaned and the windows also, (that IS a problem for me).

But let´s talk of nicer things on this early morning: I´m a sheep who would love to live in an artist community. The former times with artist communes and artist cafe´s would have been perfect for me. But I also appreciate the possibilities of the internet today.
I love art projects like: the
box doodle Project , Mail art or 1000 Journals . People from allover the world, who never met before are communicating, exchanging ideas, or even their art works. This creates an enormous creative spirit which is so inspiring! I also love to talk to you, my dear readers. I´ve met so many fantastic people through my blog and my picture album on flickr. Some of you have even become friends and maybe some I will meet one day, although we live in different countries.

Today my sewing machine is one year old!

There are 3 new guardians available, you can visit them on my
website or in my etsy shop

Have a sunny day!
Sheepkisses, Friederike!

Friday, July 07, 2006

message from the "new world"

we´ve got mail. Sweet Wendy sent 2 photographs of "little viking" and a "the-little-viking-is-well-message" on one of Marias beautiful handmade letterpress cards. Oh what a surprise! Thank you so much Wendy!

in the background the Empire States Building, yeah!

Thank god, the FIFA Worldcup ends this evening ;)

Sheepkisses Friederike!

Monday, July 03, 2006


hello dear readers of Friederike´s blog, here is Sandra "speaking". Today is a special day for me and therefore I was allowed to make a post here (thank you Friederike!)

I´m happy today because :

  • of a new year of my life is starting
  • of my wonderful husband Michael, who is not only supporting me on my way as an artist, but who made me a beautiful gift.....a doll from Gra├ža Paz, an adorable artist and friend from Portugal. I fell in love with her happy art the moment I saw it. If you don´t know her go to her flickr album. It´s absolutely worth it! Michael is also responsible for my growing sewing addiction and neglection of my painting ;). The sewing machine was a gift of him last year. My first sewing trials had ended at the age of nine when I was forced! to sew a nightshirt in school. It was a drama and the shortie was never finished.
  • of my family and friends who sent me their best wishes
  • of some sold dolls last weeks. The dream guardians had new owners only a few hours after they were finished. That´s a record!
  • of an invitation from Carly Schwerdt to a soft-toy-exhibition in Australia MorpheII which I was only too pleased

to accept

  • and last but not least all your wellmeaning comments, which are so motivating in going on my creative way. Thank you so much!

Love, Sandra

Saturday, July 01, 2006

and the winner is....

first of a all a hughe


for your kind participation! You´ve sent me soooooooooooo many names I loved at once and thought well, yes that sounds like a perfect name for our cutie.
Here is the list of all suggestions that you left either on my blog or on Flickr

It was not easy at all to make a decision. Believe me I had really hard times with sleepless nights, staring at the list and hoove biting. But as you know, only one can win the card!

So the Oscar, ehhhhhh card goes to Crafty Champloo for this wonderful

name and story:

"Nymms the Peaceful Warrior"

"he makes wool blankets from his own hair and throws them on his enemies - it's like wrapping them in a warm hug....."

Isn´t that a lovely idea? CONGRATULATIONS Crafty Champloo!!!!

Look, how proud our sweedie is

Surprise, surprise: for your enormous response and creativity I want to thank you all with a little reward. For those of you who didn´t make it I have a tiny consolation prize. Please send your address to and I´ll send it via snail mail.

Sheepkisses, Friederike!

tataaaaa!!!! the contest is ended

thank you for your participation!!!
don´t miss the announcement of the winner:
today, at five p.m. Central European Time
cu later, Friederike!