Monday, December 11, 2006

I love Kiki!

Kiki Smith is another great artist I admire a lot. I feel a strong connection to her work and person, although I don´t know her for long yet. I came across Kiki Smith when I bought two DVDs Art:21 (season one and two, which are a fantastic source to get in touch with the Contemporary American art scene)
Maybe it´s been Kiki´s "dead animals" installation that inspired me to my "free the birds" series I´m working on lately.

It´s always a kind of therapeutic experience to see artists who "made it", although they had no boundaries either thematically nor in techniques and materials.

A quote, that I found in the book "All creatures great and small" (Kiki Smith)

A dream is like an animal, but an unknown one, and you cannot see all its limbs. Interpretation is a cage, but the dream can never be found inside. (Elias Canetti)

Apropos dream, don´t miss to take a look at another great artist Sara Lechner´s dream studio

bye for today, xo Friederike!


Kirsty said...

I find your white birds and the cage very appealing. I had made a wire cage like that once but it didn,t turn out as nice as yours. Its pink!!

Shell said...

I LOVE Kiki Smith. I was introduced to her work in one of my classes at college and have been mesmerised by her work ever since. I watch Art21 here in Australia! It's on our international multicultural channel SBS on Saturday afternoons and I put it on religiously (if I'm home!). I can definitely see a connection between her work and yours - that handcrafted element is really prevalent in both of your work.

Jade said...

Your birds and cages are so good!! The minimal whiteness of it all works beautifully.
I love kiki smith, too....I have a big book on her work on its way to me right now...i wish it would hurry up...

Vera João said...

I love this white work! So beautifull!