Sunday, December 31, 2006

the new year

is knocking at the door... What will it bring? [a last post for this year by Sandra]

2006 ends clouded with the loss of a family member.
But we have the hope that the new year will going to be a good year.
A year filled with new ideas and full of creativity, lots of joy, old and new creative people lighting up our lifes, some planned collaboration projects (Sheree, I hope you remember our date in January :-) ), a first whistle stop for a little blue sheep on the TV (January 22nd, ARTE TV, magazine"Chic", noontime 12:35), a year with love and peace.

I made a list with 36 things I wanted to do in 2006, but as you might guess, a lot of them are still open and have to be transfered to the New-Years-resolutions-list:

1. meditating regularly
2. finding a house with an outbuilding, we can use as Friederikes! and my studio
3. establishing a business, our own little gallery-shop for selling handmade art & craft
4. visiting Niki de Saint Phalle´s Tarot Garden in the Tuscany
5. eating more healthy food
6. more reading instead of TV watching
7. learning to say clearly and precisely what I want and what I don´t want/learning to say "No" (but I advance)
8. doing my taxes not at the eleventh hour
9. spending more time with my family
10. spending some time at Saras refugium

..... this list of open things could be continued, but I don´t want to bore you.

What are your New Year´s resolutions?

All the best for the new year to you & lots of viking power

yours Sandra + (of course) Friederike!

Monday, December 18, 2006

A gift for you!

Dear friends,
only a few days left, to Christmas Eve. Time for Sandra and me to say

"thank you"

for your lovely and encouring comments on this blog, your lots of emails and your support of herzensart. Unfortunately the petty cash was empty so we couldn´t send X-mas cards to everybody, but we would like to make you a little gift, which is absolutely free for download.

1. click on the picture. -> A new site with a big format opens. Safe the jpg-picture on your local computer.

2. copy the picture into a program you want to print from (I use Word or Powerpoint)

3. change the size of the picture, however you like (in my opinion a small format on heavy paper looks best)

4. print it off

5. Cut it out

6. frame it

et voila!

Merry Christmas! and happy holidays, xox Friederike! and Sandra

Friday, December 15, 2006

an early Christmas gift

Hello friends,
so much to do in these last days before Christmas, until now there wasn´t even time for Christmas Shopping . So obviously it all ends in a last minute shopping, how I hate that!

We got an early Christmas gift from Sara. We made a swap and she sent us her beautiful "little keepers of the garden" and a wonderful brooch (we still have to work it out who of the two of us may wear it on Christmas evening). Saras works are so full of details, that you only recognize if you hold the piece in your hands and have a close look.

Sara the following pics are for you, so you can see where the little keepers live now.

Thank you so much!
New finds on the web:
Swiss artist couple: Gerda Steininger and Joerg Lenzlinger (found through Ullabenulla)
xox Friederike! and Sandra

Monday, December 11, 2006

I love Kiki!

Kiki Smith is another great artist I admire a lot. I feel a strong connection to her work and person, although I don´t know her for long yet. I came across Kiki Smith when I bought two DVDs Art:21 (season one and two, which are a fantastic source to get in touch with the Contemporary American art scene)
Maybe it´s been Kiki´s "dead animals" installation that inspired me to my "free the birds" series I´m working on lately.

It´s always a kind of therapeutic experience to see artists who "made it", although they had no boundaries either thematically nor in techniques and materials.

A quote, that I found in the book "All creatures great and small" (Kiki Smith)

A dream is like an animal, but an unknown one, and you cannot see all its limbs. Interpretation is a cage, but the dream can never be found inside. (Elias Canetti)

Apropos dream, don´t miss to take a look at another great artist Sara Lechner´s dream studio

bye for today, xo Friederike!

Friday, December 01, 2006

free the birds!

"..., I shall free the birds. They may now fly freely throughout my realm. No man shall hunt them again. Then may they build their nests in peace..." after THE BANYAN DEER, a Buddhist legend.

Have a peaceful weekend! xo, Friederike!