Sunday, November 26, 2006


I fell in love with the ghostgirls gouaches by Amy E. and had to purchase these two (they were sold out once Amy posted them on flickr. They will be framed and placed in the studio. Aren´t they beautiful?

Friends, have you ever seen a blue sheep on television before? I have to tell you I´m soooo excited that I can´t sleep anymore...............Although it´s only a izibizi-tiny gig, I enrolled in drama school yesterday, as it is my very first public TV appearance. The date is January 22nd, 12:35 p.m. on ARTE TV (the title of the magazine is "Chic"). You don´t have to write down the date for now, as I will remind you from now on in every following post I guess ;). Unfortunately ARTE is a German / French broadcast station, and as far as I know can´t be watched in other than these two countries, right? Now I have to ride the bike, because you want to watch a telegenic sheep in January, don´t you? Yours very excited Friederike!


bogi said...

YES!!!! Congrats ;)
As far as I know this blue sheep can be seen via sateltite all over Europe.

A new (TV)star is born ;)hehe

These ghostgirls are very beautiful.

shula said...

perhaps you could post it on youTube?