Sunday, August 20, 2006

S U N ? D A Y

Bowls for the Manas we are working on right now.

only a few things to tell today - unsorted as you are used to find here ;-) :

We cancelled a three woman group exhibition which was planned for November/December this year. Frustrating on the one side, as the 3 of us have put already engergy and time in the planning, liberating on the other side, as there would have been too many compromises to make.

Linzie Hunter invited us to introduce our studio and work at

If you have books, you won´t read again, but don´t want to throw away, then you can put them into the public bookcases in Bonn. Everybody is allowed to take away the books he likes. is redesigned and will hopefully be launched in a few days.

We installed a counter yesterday, just to know how many readers visit this blog, nothing else will be tracked by us. How surprised we were when after only a few hours we counted 40 visits! That´s amazing, thank you so much for stopping by!
There´s a Frida Kahlo exhibition in Hamburg we´d love to see it. But for sure we will visit the Guggenheim exhibition in Bonn, which is just around the corner.

That´s it for today....
kisses, Friederike!


bogi said...

These little bowls look really great!!
Find out, what went wrong or just got you some new, other clay??
Are they coloured afterwards? Or did you mix some pigments into it?
Yeah, exhibition canceled, but hey, I am really happy a few days after we've come to this decision ;)

Maria João Pacheco said...

On some weeks a go, I take a look in to your work. He is very creative! … and diversified!
The doll no5 is already installed! She likes to be with us here! … it has the company of others dolls, some made by me and others I have buy to another handicraftsmen. It’s a animation! …
I have linked, your site, on my blog. I wait your visit too.
Thanks and keep going!...
(sorry, for my English)

bye for now, Maria João Pacheco
(I add a photo, for you, on Etsy/Conversations)

Friederike! said...

merci Bogi :-)
no, the clay found it´s way into the garbage can. It was not possible to give him a good consistency. These little bowls are made of dried seed vessels (don´t ask me which plant). Painted and copper/silver plated...

thank you so much Maria for your comment and the nice picture!
cheers, Friederike!

jessica said...

lovely bowls

Hanna said...

you have so much beatiful things to show us, of course we want to visit your site! :-)

lovely photos.

Annika Sandin said...

The bowls looks great!

KJ said...

I think the bowls are lovely! And so is the idea of public bookcases. Public bookcases!