Thursday, August 17, 2006


... is the color of today.

She arrived! Isn´t she the most beautiful robot woman you´ve ever seen? We love her to pieces. Thank you so much, Mimi!

New work: "Manas"

after so many male dream guardians it was time for the female balancing. The Manas, wise women, keepers of ancient knowledge were born.

Only 3 weeks left for finishing the dolls for the Australien show MORPHE II..... huuuuu

cool idea: artomats

Cheers, Friederike!


mimi K said...


bogi said...

I love these little white wise women ;) and the red one is the strongest I saw the last few days.

kristin said...

i am lucky enough to own one of mimi's beautiful dolls too!!!! she does AMAZING work!!

anarosemarie said...

your dream dolls are beautiful. I saw Mimi's they are serenity itself, that is how I found you. I will keep watching and possibly try and buy one in the near future.