Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday - new week - new luck :-)

dream guardian no.9

Hi there,
we are beginning this week in a good temper. I hope you too!? After a recreative weekend with much brainstorming (did you know, the brains of sheeps and humans complement one another to perfection?), we ended up on Sunday evening with a list of new ideas and more or less realistic goals for the rest of this year.

I´d love to give you a glimpse at one of our new creations. But it´s still confidential, so pssshhhhhhh.....

Good news: dream guardians no. 5 & 8 arrived in Australia. They were adopted by Poppalina (Shula and Mym). I quote "Shula and Mym are a mother/daughter team from Melbourne who love to make things out of fabric and yarn. Mym is 11, hates sport with a passion, loves philosophy, computer games, Johnny Depp, goths, playing bass, writing poetry, clothes shopping and eating pancakes, not necessarily in that order. She wants to go and live in India.
Shula is about 108, and likes nothing more than to be left in peace to make things in her studio

I have the feeling we would perfectly fit together. These two ladies make beautiful stuff on their own. Look at Mym´s works and Shula´s works.

Thank you so much for all the encouraging emails and comments regarding the last post!!! One was even an invitation to Austria. Textile artist Sara Lechner invited us to visit her for some days. That´s stunning! Sara is an admirable artist, you MUST see her fantastic work, which is full of details and materials. I don´t know how long she works on one piece, but it must be a while.

More remarkable artists: William Skrips and Reina Mia Brill

So long for today...

Have a creative time!

Cheers, Friederike!


The Purloined Letter said...

I just love these!

Annika Sandin said...

Oh I love them! Do you sell them?