Wednesday, August 30, 2006


a friend told me in one of her latest emails, "I must be silent at the moment". And I knew exactly how she felt and what she ment. I needed to be silent too for a few days, no blogging, no flickr activities, no loud music and films, not much talking to people. I used the time to concentrate on myself, clearing the studio out, and also the living room, working on new dream guardians and Manas, drinking roibosh caramel tea against the cold inside the house (it rains since weeks), reading books, wearing my pantofus for the first time this summer, trying to drown out the endouring rain showers with piano music and the beautiful sounds of Oi Va Voi.... altogether a big yearning for retreat and silence.
How about you?

xo Friederike!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

S U N ? D A Y

Bowls for the Manas we are working on right now.

only a few things to tell today - unsorted as you are used to find here ;-) :

We cancelled a three woman group exhibition which was planned for November/December this year. Frustrating on the one side, as the 3 of us have put already engergy and time in the planning, liberating on the other side, as there would have been too many compromises to make.

Linzie Hunter invited us to introduce our studio and work at

If you have books, you won´t read again, but don´t want to throw away, then you can put them into the public bookcases in Bonn. Everybody is allowed to take away the books he likes. is redesigned and will hopefully be launched in a few days.

We installed a counter yesterday, just to know how many readers visit this blog, nothing else will be tracked by us. How surprised we were when after only a few hours we counted 40 visits! That´s amazing, thank you so much for stopping by!
There´s a Frida Kahlo exhibition in Hamburg we´d love to see it. But for sure we will visit the Guggenheim exhibition in Bonn, which is just around the corner.

That´s it for today....
kisses, Friederike!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


... is the color of today.

She arrived! Isn´t she the most beautiful robot woman you´ve ever seen? We love her to pieces. Thank you so much, Mimi!

New work: "Manas"

after so many male dream guardians it was time for the female balancing. The Manas, wise women, keepers of ancient knowledge were born.

Only 3 weeks left for finishing the dolls for the Australien show MORPHE II..... huuuuu

cool idea: artomats

Cheers, Friederike!

Friday, August 11, 2006

digging in the dirt

is so much fun!
We found a sort of clay that doesn´t need to be baked. It dries with air and should then become very solid
. We wondered why it was so hard, much water was needed to make it more soft. If you ever have worked with air-drying-clay, we´d love to hear which experiences you have made. Does someone know if it can be baked in the oven?
Modeling clay is part of the working process of one new creation..... please cross your fingers that it comes out good.

Doll no.6 arrived in San Franciso. Xenia told us, she´s well and feels comfortable in her new home. Hope she will recover soon from her jet lag. Yes, you´re right, she has a strong similarity with doll no.3. It´s because, they are twins..... The only twins we have!

Guardian no.9 will soon take off to Arlington, USA. Thank you!

Take a look at the work of Illustrator Martin Haake

bye for now, Friederike!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

new material

a few kilos stuffing material were delivered to our studio today. After we decided to stick to our career as textile artists ;-) we choosed a more effective way for our purchasings. We ordered three different materials and two of them are soooooo soft. The third we don´t like that much and we won´t use it for the dolls.

If you don´t know her yet, check out the work of
Mimi Kirchner!
Another textile artist
Georgette Benisty

So guys, we need to eat now. I have collywobbles (what a cute word, much better than the german "Magenknurren") So, this was the german lesson for today.

Stay well,

Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday - new week - new luck :-)

dream guardian no.9

Hi there,
we are beginning this week in a good temper. I hope you too!? After a recreative weekend with much brainstorming (did you know, the brains of sheeps and humans complement one another to perfection?), we ended up on Sunday evening with a list of new ideas and more or less realistic goals for the rest of this year.

I´d love to give you a glimpse at one of our new creations. But it´s still confidential, so pssshhhhhhh.....

Good news: dream guardians no. 5 & 8 arrived in Australia. They were adopted by Poppalina (Shula and Mym). I quote "Shula and Mym are a mother/daughter team from Melbourne who love to make things out of fabric and yarn. Mym is 11, hates sport with a passion, loves philosophy, computer games, Johnny Depp, goths, playing bass, writing poetry, clothes shopping and eating pancakes, not necessarily in that order. She wants to go and live in India.
Shula is about 108, and likes nothing more than to be left in peace to make things in her studio

I have the feeling we would perfectly fit together. These two ladies make beautiful stuff on their own. Look at Mym´s works and Shula´s works.

Thank you so much for all the encouraging emails and comments regarding the last post!!! One was even an invitation to Austria. Textile artist Sara Lechner invited us to visit her for some days. That´s stunning! Sara is an admirable artist, you MUST see her fantastic work, which is full of details and materials. I don´t know how long she works on one piece, but it must be a while.

More remarkable artists: William Skrips and Reina Mia Brill

So long for today...

Have a creative time!

Cheers, Friederike!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

winds of change (2)

(a post by Sandra) I borrowed the title from Friederike´s last post, as it expresses the feelings I have today. After a few days of standstill, I know changes are on the way. It´s not for the first time that I have 2-3 days full of selfdoubts and questioning each and everything, but most of all questioning my art work. This back and forth comes in waves. It´s like low tide and flood.

I had a discussion regarding wholesales prices for my pieces. After this talk I felt very bad because the prices I would have to give to shops buying my works, I can´t give. The other side of selling my works through shops would mean "massproduction" for me.
So this discussion set the ball rolling. I feel I have to make a decision in which direction I want to go on my artist way. It´s only one year ago, I started "herzensart". It was born out of a very playful phase of my life. I wanted to try new things, my inner child was stronger than ever and I loved to play with colors (I even painted a wall of my studio pink). My art became "childish" in a way. Don´t get me wrong, I love all the stuffed, colorful creatures that were born through playing and experimenting. But...... there´s my inner voice which pipes up perseverative to tell me "hey, what about your other side, the one which is more serious, more silent, spiritual, the one which wants to be recognized as a serious artist?"
Maybe there is a way to connect these two sides which are in me and bring it together in my works. My "art toys" (I don´t like this word and I´m still searching for a word that fits better for me) evolve to something more "grown up". I love the spiritual aura and meaning of my dream guardians. I have a clue of being on the right path ....

winds of change.... Love, Sandra
thanks for reading ;-)