Monday, July 03, 2006


hello dear readers of Friederike´s blog, here is Sandra "speaking". Today is a special day for me and therefore I was allowed to make a post here (thank you Friederike!)

I´m happy today because :

  • of a new year of my life is starting
  • of my wonderful husband Michael, who is not only supporting me on my way as an artist, but who made me a beautiful gift.....a doll from Graça Paz, an adorable artist and friend from Portugal. I fell in love with her happy art the moment I saw it. If you don´t know her go to her flickr album. It´s absolutely worth it! Michael is also responsible for my growing sewing addiction and neglection of my painting ;). The sewing machine was a gift of him last year. My first sewing trials had ended at the age of nine when I was forced! to sew a nightshirt in school. It was a drama and the shortie was never finished.
  • of my family and friends who sent me their best wishes
  • of some sold dolls last weeks. The dream guardians had new owners only a few hours after they were finished. That´s a record!
  • of an invitation from Carly Schwerdt to a soft-toy-exhibition in Australia MorpheII which I was only too pleased

to accept

  • and last but not least all your wellmeaning comments, which are so motivating in going on my creative way. Thank you so much!

Love, Sandra


XT moveis e acessorios artesanais said...

i´m your first coment!!!!!!
thank you so mutch , but you allways have nice words!!!
congratulations and many many springs !
bigg bigg kisss
from portugal

wonderful husband said...

I love you so much!


XT moveis e acessorios artesanais said...


Julie said...

The doll is wonderful..enjoy and continue to be happy!

elisa said...

Happy birthday beautifull lady,
I've turned 37 in march and untill now it was just great,so enjoy !
And a lot of 'frohes schaffen'for you.

Sandra said...

YAY you!
happy birthday from another Sandra :o)

Friederike! said...

thank you so much!

lisa said...

happy birthday!! did you see i posted about you on my blog last week? i hope you have a wonderful day!!

Mia said...

Love that softie. Congratulations on being invited to Morphe. Love your blog.

Friederike! said...

thank you Lisa and Mia!

tatjana said...

what a wonderful doll! it is so important to have a lovely person who supports your work, and someone who makes such beautiful things like you do really deserves it! congratulations :)

Marieke said...

Congratulations Sandra, I wish you a great year with lots of love, creating , happiness and lot and lots of beautiful softies!

It sounds you've got a great husband supporting you like that and giving you such a great gift. I also love the work of Graça Paz, with her bright and colorful creations.

cristina salvador said...

What a nice sheep's blog!
Will come back for sure!!!
Already said it but once again:
Long life, big smile...

fanja said...

Hi Sandra, I'm a bit late, just came back from holiday.
Happy birthday to you! And thank you for the name contest card, it's so nice to receive a lovely card among the bundle of junk mail! xxx