Friday, June 30, 2006

last chance

hello friends,
one day left to participate in the
"the-searching-for-a-name-contest" . The list of suggestions is very long and I can assure you that I have sleepless nights taxing my brain with dozens of names. But as you know I have to make a decision (not just one of my talents) tomorrow.
I will close the list on the stroke of 12:00 a.m. CET. So if there are still new names in your head, last chance... The announcement of the winner will be on Saturday, July 1st at about 5.p.m. CET, here on this site. Check back!

While you´ve been busy in name creating, I was busy too. Long ago I have in mind to create a doll to watch over someones sleep and dreams. I often have to deal with sleeplessness (see above) and some of my sheep friends have the same problem. So I knew I needed a dream guardian.
A guardian whose job is to keep away bad dreams and to stand sentinel over your sleep. He is best placed next to your bed, so he can keep an eye on you.

"dream guardians" / "Traumwaechter" are available here

So long, see you t o m o r r o w *huuuuuuuuuu"

Love, Friederike!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Hello friends,
have you seen our newest little guy? Isn´t he a cutie?

wanna see more pics ?

But we have a big problem...........this fellow needs a name! Not an ordinary name like "Friederike!" or "Sandra" or "Michael" and so on..... I´m sure you know what I mean. NO!!! He needs a special name, an unique name, a fantasy name, a name just for him (or is it a her?)

So, if you have any suggestions don´t hesitate to notify me (comment here). Your effort is not for nothing. The person who gives us a name which suits him/her best will recieve this unique card, made by me.

Your suggestions will be accepted until Saturday, 1st of July 2006.

Thank you in advance!
yours Friederike!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rezepte gegen die Langeweile / the mentos - Cola light - experiment / mentos the freshmaker

bei diesem Post hatte ich echte Schwierigkeiten mich für einen Titel zu entscheiden

man nehme / all you need is

  • 1,5-2 liter Cola light
  • 4-5 mentos

    Mentos schnell hintereinander in die Flasche befördern und dann in Deckung gehen. Drop the mentos into the bottle and then run for cover :-)

hier seht Ihr das Experiment in Bestform (dafür üben wir noch) Check out the experiment in its extremest form. click here

The news:

"not a monkey" is available here

honeybunny no.8 found a new home in Seattle, he left us today.

cu soon, Friederike! (going to buy some bottles Cola light)