Monday, May 29, 2006

new friends

little punk has got a new friend... little viking no.2...about 40 cm tall, very soft and unlike "little punk" very well behaved. If you are interested in the dolls please visit my shop

yipppie, here you see our brandnew herzensart flyer!

and last but not least.... the little french girl (doll no.3) arrived safe in her new home in Portugal
cu, yours Friederike!


Marieke said...

The viking is super and the flyer looks wonderfull also... wished I could have a peek inside;)

Helene said...

AFYI the vikings had no horns on their helmets!

noricum said...

I love your viking dolls!

shelby said...

I love your work! Saw it on etsy. The dolls are fabulous!

Friederike! said...

thanks for your comments!
@helene: you´re rigt, but mine have horns because they look so much better with it.

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Anonymous said...

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