Thursday, May 04, 2006

little viking on journey

hello my dear friends, our little fellow has left us today. He has been adopted by Wendy, who lives far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away, in New York. I am so happy that he has the chance to go out to the big, wide world and to meet Carrie Bradshow, to gain new expriences and learn a new language. You know it´s much easier for him to learn it right now. When he is grown up, it is so much more difficult. Therefore I am sooo happy! He was a bit afraid of flying for the first time, but he was even more looking forward to his new home. So, farewell little viking!

cheers, Friederike!


wendy said...

I promise to give him a good home!
Don't know if I can get him a meeting with carrie bradshaw, but we can try!

Marieke said...

big cyberhug for Friederike, must have been pretty hard to say goodbye