Monday, May 01, 2006

feeling uncomfortable today

if not to say feeling abused and this is why...

why do animals have to work for humans? The history of working animals is as old as agriculture, said Sandra, after I complained......

But this happens against their will, ha! That´s what I call slavery!
I never heared of animals (except cats) exploiting humans!

After we discussed for a while, Sandra told me that my job as fabric storage was very important and she would have thinked twice to whom she would give it! She never would give it to anybody. It was a sign of trust and appreciation and I believed her.

Look what she made with my help:

I´m really proud of these two creatures, they are handmade and unique. Each is 59 Euro + shipping

yours, Friederike!


Marieke said...

Ah Friederike, I'm so glad you put aside your abused feelings because with your very important help she made some absolutely georgious creatures.

You must be very proud of yourself because you've got a very important job and I hope you will keep on helping her to make lots and lots of creatures as beautiful as these!

If only I had a bit more money at the moment because I simply ♥ the little viking!

neta said...

They are great, so cute, and unusual.

Kim's Suitcase said...

they are such a lovely pair, just wonderful!

Michael said...

Friederike!, 'abuse' is not the right word for your very important work, that's right.
Do you know something about the abuse of husbands? I mean, there's no lobby for these minorities, or do you think their work is in general as important as yours? The border is really small, maybe we should establish the "Society of sheeps and husbands who are in risk being abused" so that the world will recognize our hard work :-)

Ah, Sandra: really good artwork!


Kate said...

Your creatures are just gorgeous.

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And it can be paraphrased?