Tuesday, May 23, 2006

collage mania


"little viking" arrived safely in his new home and Wendy took him out to his first trip onto the rooftops of New Yorks Skyscrapers. Thank you Wendy for the nice pictures!!! It took a while since I realized that it was the Empire State building in the background :o)

Yesterday was the day of collages.... hours and hours of cutting tiny pieces of paper and cardboard....don´t ask me about my hooves

But I love the result and I am thinking of what´s to be done with them.

I would like to glue each on a block of wood, so one is absolutely free in choosing the quantity and combination of the small pieces (this idea of free combining came first with the Symbolons which I entitled "combine art").

each minicollage is 5x5cm small

Since I will make a short journey, I am not online the next days.

Have a creative time!

yours, Friederike! *the one and only blue collaging sheep*


Marieke said...

happy collages!

wendy said...

love the collages, and the little viking is safe & sound.