Monday, May 29, 2006

new friends

little punk has got a new friend... little viking no.2...about 40 cm tall, very soft and unlike "little punk" very well behaved. If you are interested in the dolls please visit my shop

yipppie, here you see our brandnew herzensart flyer!

and last but not least.... the little french girl (doll no.3) arrived safe in her new home in Portugal
cu, yours Friederike!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

collage mania


"little viking" arrived safely in his new home and Wendy took him out to his first trip onto the rooftops of New Yorks Skyscrapers. Thank you Wendy for the nice pictures!!! It took a while since I realized that it was the Empire State building in the background :o)

Yesterday was the day of collages.... hours and hours of cutting tiny pieces of paper and cardboard....don´t ask me about my hooves

But I love the result and I am thinking of what´s to be done with them.

I would like to glue each on a block of wood, so one is absolutely free in choosing the quantity and combination of the small pieces (this idea of free combining came first with the Symbolons which I entitled "combine art").

each minicollage is 5x5cm small

Since I will make a short journey, I am not online the next days.

Have a creative time!

yours, Friederike! *the one and only blue collaging sheep*

Saturday, May 20, 2006

punx not dead!

two punks were found in Cologne today..... and in fact it has survived, punk is alive!
"Punk a completely nihilistic and ecstatic departure, a negation of all existing forms and at the same time a creative explosion", wow!!! (these words I have read) but I thought I couldn´t have said it better in my own :-) I also like this sentence:
Punk -- the movement that espoused the "live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse drenched in phlegm" philosophy
The energy of punk lives in me! PUNX NOT DEAD!!!
yours, Friederike! *the one and only blue sewing punk sheep*

Saturday, May 13, 2006

good news

believe it or not.... I have made two more dolls :o)
a little french ........................................................and

.........a rapper doll. I hope you like them?!

If you need a laughter, check out gargh . Wish you a wonderful weekend!

yours Friederike! *the one and only sewing sheep*

Thursday, May 04, 2006

little viking on journey

hello my dear friends, our little fellow has left us today. He has been adopted by Wendy, who lives far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away, in New York. I am so happy that he has the chance to go out to the big, wide world and to meet Carrie Bradshow, to gain new expriences and learn a new language. You know it´s much easier for him to learn it right now. When he is grown up, it is so much more difficult. Therefore I am sooo happy! He was a bit afraid of flying for the first time, but he was even more looking forward to his new home. So, farewell little viking!

cheers, Friederike!

Monday, May 01, 2006

feeling uncomfortable today

if not to say feeling abused and this is why...

why do animals have to work for humans? The history of working animals is as old as agriculture, said Sandra, after I complained......

But this happens against their will, ha! That´s what I call slavery!
I never heared of animals (except cats) exploiting humans!

After we discussed for a while, Sandra told me that my job as fabric storage was very important and she would have thinked twice to whom she would give it! She never would give it to anybody. It was a sign of trust and appreciation and I believed her.

Look what she made with my help:

I´m really proud of these two creatures, they are handmade and unique. Each is 59 Euro + shipping

yours, Friederike!