Tuesday, February 07, 2006

plans...ideas...next projects

these and many more are in my mind and wait to be realized. Meanwhile I´m working on the series "wounded - wrapped" and try to stick to it. I don´t know how many unfinished paintings lean on walls and therefore I try to discipline myself as far as possible to finish a "project" before I get started with a new one. We will see if it works ;-)

I was happy to get a nice email from the Portugal artist Graça Pereira da Costa (Graça Paz) this week. You have to see pictures of her lovely artwork and also visit her blog.

On Thursday I will leave for a few days and can´t post before next week. Hope to see you then again :-)

You make us happy, happy, happy if you leave your comment :-)

thanks & cheerio,
Friederike! and Sandra


Coxi said...

I had never saw your blog, only your website!! I loved it!! I´m going to have 2 links to Sandra Monat in my blog.. the site and the blog.. :)))

kelly said...

i love your site! too much fun.
i am going to go check out your
site now...thanks for sharing

Friederike! said...

thank you :-)

mustardpie said...

i so relate to having so many ideas and not being able to get them done. super inspiring,