Thursday, July 18, 2013


from this {5 designs made for Baenderei Kafka, Wuppertal, Germany}

to that {woven Jaquard Ribbons}

I´m so happy how they turned out. The ribbons are already in my shop , the bows will follow soon too

I thought I could be back much earlier, to blog more often again and especially say THANK YOU for your comments and emails on my last blog post. It took longer than I had wished, but let me tell you I was overwhelmed and very touched by every response. Sometimes life comes up with the most incredible "jokes", don´t you think and then it´s good to be reminded not being alone and to read that some of you have gone through challenging times as well and survived. Thank you!

It´s better to not promise daily updates from now on, but it should not take thaaaaat long any  more ;)
There is more new stuff I have to show you anyway :).

Love, Sandra


swig said...

was für ein schönes Ergebnis!
herzliche Grüsse.

Astridka said...

Schön, dass du wieder da bist! Und schön, was du geschaffen hast!

Nienke Weick said...

I <3 your artwork!
My son almost daily uses the Viking plate I bought from you years and years ago: it's his (& mine) favourite. ;-)

Anaïs said...

Cute ! I want to sew new things for all the babies around me... and your ribbons would add an awesome finish !
Good to see your beautiful work back :)

naa said...

oh yes, I saw them already in your shop and they are amazing! welcome back dear Sandra!*

Anonymous said...

Sooo schöne Entwürfe! Und eine ebenso gewohnt schöne Umsetzung der Bandweberei.
Ich denke oft an Dich und es tut mir Leid, daß es mit dem Besuch noch nicht geklappt hat. Das Leben ist gerade sehr dicht, aber ich hoffe auf Entspannung mit dem Beginn der Ferien.

See you soon! Elke

tonja_raeubertochter said...

Die Bänder sind wirklich wunderschön geworden! Ich freu mich, wieder mehr von Dir zu lesen!

Liebe Grüße

Bego said...

Nice to hear fron you! And OMG those ribbons are gorgeous! Off to your shop!

Ludo braille said...

Bravo magnifiques créations !!!

ibb said...

Lovely ribbons...and love to see you back.
Take your time, just you know where we are.
Try to enjoy summer moments.

Melissa Kojima said...

These are beautiful! I'm so happy for you! Congrats! And it was worth the wait!

Handmade Romance said...

i am a bit slow to check in again here but so glad to see you back. i adore these ribbons. i hope the second half of this year is feeling so much better for you x