Saturday, June 01, 2013


2013 has been a difficult year for me so far. My life has changed and I have moved to a new place. The last months I´ve not been completely unproductive although not as productive as I had wished.

This is a first hello again from my new home. I´m here since 1 month now, still trying to make this place something that feels like home and a space where I can be creative again.

Some of you, dear friends and blog followers sent me emails, sorry if you are still waiting for a response.  I will answer each of your emails.

For now thanks for your loving care and your patience! Talk more soon.


chloe said...

It's nice to "see" you again.
I hope that you'll quickly feel good in your new home.

Barbara Prime said...

I wish you strength, and hope it won't take you long to find balance and contentment in your new life. I hope we get to hear from you more often.

naa said...

Dear Sandra you've been missed here!
I wish you tons of creativity in your new beautiful place... I hope you will soon feel at home***

Melissa Crowe said...

Whatever is happening in your life, I want to let you know that--even from afar, as a reader of your blog and no more--I have 100% faith that you have the strength for what's ahead of you. Your creativity and energy shine through in your work and your words, and I have always admired/appreciated that. Hang in there, lady!

Ulrike Schäfer-Zimmermann said...

hej sandra,

dann wünsch ich die alles gute für deinen neubeginn, ist anfangs hart, aber das kommt schon wieder in schwung! ich spreche aus erfahrung :0) auch die kreativität lässt sich wieder blicken, ist ja schliesslich ein teil deines lebens
ganz liebe grüsse aus dänemark

Lunacy said...

Liebe Sandra,
schön, wieder ein Lebenszeichen von dir zu lesen. Ich wünsche dir auch alles Gute für deinen Neuanfang. Die neue Umgebung wird dir hoffentlich viele neue Impulse für deine Kreativität geben.
Hast du schon einen Spaziergang in deinem neuen "Veedel" gemacht? Melde dich, wenn Lust auf eine Begleitung dazu hast. Ich wohne ja fast umme Ecke. ;-)


Ludo braille said...

Très heureuse de vous lire de nouveau !!!

pillowtree said...

alles liebe und stärke für alles was du tun willst und musst.

Meeling said...

Nice to see you online again! :-) Your place looks lovely and inviting. Wishing you all your visions for the upcoming year. :-)

ibb said...

I see light, I see flowers, I see colours...
Is your studio in the same place? I want to send you you did it some day...

valen-tonia said...

Liebe Sandra,
habe vor ein paar Tagen an Dich gedacht und jetzt les ich gerade nach ewigen Zeiten auch mal wieder Blogs und sehe Deinen Post. Ich wünsch Dir alles Glück und Stärke für den Neubeginn.
Herzliche Grüße Martina

Melissa Kojima said...

Yeah, I noticed it's been a while. I'm glad to hear some news from you. Nice to see your new place taking shape. I wish you much joy and love!

Anonymous said...

Gut, Dich wieder hier zu haben.
Bis bald, Bele

myriam kemper said...

Wie schön wieder von Dir zu lesen!
Ich wünsche Dir viel Glück, Mut und beide Hände voll Kreativität - ich freue mich schon auf Deine nächsten Kreationen.

Viele und liebe Grüße von

beruta said...

So glad you are back! ;)
Change always give us many new chances, new emotions and feelings... Hope you`ll enjoy your new life soon!

a hug,

Kim Hayes said...

Your space looks beautiful.
Been wondering how you are.
If you need to get away you are welcome to visit me, my kitty and Airstream.

Anaïs said...

Good to see you are "back" !
Hope the bad things are behind you.

Elisa said...

Dear Sandra,
sorry to hear. Hope you will find your creative bliss soon. Wish you lots of love and luck!

Hazel Terry said...

Looks lovely and it is lovely see you here again.

Anonymous said...

Liebe Sandra!
Hab' dich sehr vermisst... Auch wenn mir die Umstände nicht bekannt sind, von Herzen alles Liebe, Mut und Zuversicht, Kraft und Energie für deinen Neubeginn.
Es geht immer vorwärts...!
Auf bald und ich freue mich, wieder von dir zu lesen!
Monika aus Remscheid

Alysse Hennessey said...

I don't know if you are one who follows the influences of the stars, so I won't go way into it, just to say there have been intense changes for so many people at once since the beginning of the year. Many unexpected divorces, and upheavals. Myself included. It's supposed to be a good rebirthing of one's self, but very difficult to go through. I hope that helps and not too personal. I'm going through the thick of it all myself and just getting a little creativity back..... much love and kindness to you.

Ro said...

Hallo Sandra!

I´m very glad you´re back!

I´ve mooved as well last sommer to Málaga and even if everything remains the same it is extrange and complicated at the beginning, but then some bright day you find out you feel confortable and have fun again :P
I still have to find my inspiration on my new place, but, I know it will come soon.
Have a huge bear hug from me and keep creating all this lovely stuff you do. They will help you on your new habitat ;P