Saturday, October 13, 2012

Frankfurter Buchmesse

back from the bookfair. It was crowded and loud but interesting. I took some blurry pics of the Little Tiger stand.
The viking notebook I already had seen before. Besides my Viking and Circus postcards they also showed 2 new sets of fridge magnets which I show you tomorrow, have to take pictures first.

Happy weekend to you!


jfidz said...

Your cards and notebooks look great.

Elisa said...

That notebook!
Is it a wolf with a magic mushroom magnet? I need that to!
Happy weekend.

Sandra Monat said...

thank you jfidz!

Elisa, yes one set is a viking family and the other one the wolf with mushrooms :)

Ludo braille said...

Tout ceci est super pour vous !!!

Nicola said...

Oh hätte ich das gewußt, dass Du auf der Buchmesse warst, bzw. Deine Arbeiten an einem Stand vertreten sind. Ich war am Donnerstag auf der Messe.

Melissa Kojima said...

I love seeing your products at the Little Tiger booth. They are so fun! Go viking, go!