Wednesday, June 27, 2012

where do you create?

after a while a longer post...

 let´s start this day with some distraction, let´s say with a short video of Zoé de las Cases great living and working space.
{Zoé has a nice collection of doll house kitchens and the mirror collection in the bathroom is pretty too}
It seems Zoé has created the "perfect" place for her living and working under the same roof.

Over the last years I have created in different places.
{2003} I lived in Cologne and my pre-herzensart studio was a small room at home, I used for my paintings

{2004/2005} I rented a tiny studio outside, just for some months, as I found out it didn´t work for me.
Therefore I moved everything back home and turned the large living room into my new studio
(a cheer for tolerant husbands)

{2005}still the same living room studio, but my art went into a new direction, after a sewing machine
 and Friederike! (the blue sheep) came into my life. It was the beginning of herzensart

{May 2008} we moved to the country side and again the living room became my new studio.

I really enjoyed the garden view and the kitties enjoyed my omnipresence.
But the space felt too small soon and working at home all day felt lonely very often.
So again, I looked for a studio outside and found it in a former factory.
By the beginning of 2009 I moved in and that´s where I´m still working.

What I´ve learned is, that having a studio outside has advantages and disadvantages.
These days I´m going back and forth, brainstorming about pros and cons, debating what´s the right place
for me right now and if I should move my studio back home again, or continue to pay a monthly rent.
I feel I have to find my answer soon and will keep you updated about my decision.

If you are an artist/designer/crafter I would be very interested in where you create.
Do you work from home or is your studio outside? Have you found your ideal place and why?
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.


ibb said...

As a part time crafter, no live from that, although I wish...home is perfect for amateur working...but I think if it is more a "work" than a hobbie, working out, marks a bit work times, and make you work a bit more as you must go "to work". Although I know it is difficult when creativity is involved.

Sandra Monat said...

thanks ibb, yes I think there is much in this leaving home to "go to work" feeling, even feeling "more professional" maybe.

Aleksandra Chabros (aka Adelaida) said...

A cat in a box, of course ;) Those cat traps always work :)

If I had to choose I'd create a studio in my house but maybe with a separate door or something that will make it feel less like home (to make it easier to change into 'work' mode).

Sandra Monat said...

thank you Aleksandra. No box is too small :)
I agree, if working creativel a room of ones own is important

Musenkind am Meer said...

Liebe Sandra, Deine Räume spiegeln Dein "aufregendes" Künstlerleben.

Ja, der Gedanke von Ibb ist gut und wahr. Und doch glaube ich, dass beides geht. Für mich ist die Hauptsache, dass das Atelier, wo immer es steht, "Dein Raum" ist. Groß, hell, gut geschnitten, vielleicht mit Blick aufs Grüne.

Ich drücke die Daumen für eine gute Entscheidung!

Deine Cornelia

Sandra Monat said...

Liebe Cornelia, danke! Gross wäre gegeben, hell ist aktuell nur der vordere Raum, während der hintere im Dunkeln liegt. Ausreichend Licht und ein schöner Ausblick empfinde ich auch als wünschenswert.

Anaïs said...

I work in a studio shared by a dozen creators. Cool, but not exactly the best place to have ideas...
I long for a place at home, but separated from the actual living rooms, somewhere both secluded and open to the others.

Lisa said...

I've always worked at home. It can be plesant or unplesant... I used to live in a small flat so I had to work in my bedroom and clean everything at the end of the day so my boy friend could go to sleep in something else than fabric sheets. I tried to look for a studio to rent, but it is sooo expensive in Paris that I gave up. Now that we bought a flat in the suburb of Paris, I have my own room to work, my studio ! It changed my life ! I love it, even if sometimes I'd like to go out to work... I know that the day I'll have a baby I'll have to give him the room and find somewhere else to work. I've not finished asking myself questions about workplaces...

Jen Moffat-Hallam said...

I've always worked from home too. But since we moved to Canada and I started using a corner of the living room, I've realised how much I miss having a studio. I'm far more distracted by housework and emails and don't put in the same hours as I did in the little shed in the back yard. Time to re-focus my energies and turn my back to the laundry pile!

Kristina said...

Also, ich habe beides- unser Atelier (welches natürlich hauptsächlich für die größeren Auftragsarbeiten und für die Workshops benutzt wird) und meine "Kreativecke" zu Hause.
Zu Hause mache ich kleine Sachen, Skizzen und vor Allem meinen Nähkram und im Atelier halt die Sachen, für die Platz gebraucht wird und "Kleckeralarm" herrscht.
Ich finde es super, zum Arbeiten aus dem Haus gehen zu können, weil ich hasse es, wenn mich jeden Tag die Haushaltsarbeit anspringt.
Ich finde es aber auch super (besonders im Winter) zu Hause arbeiten zu können (wenigstens ein bisschen).
Mein Traum wäre ein Ateliergebäude o.ä. direkt am Haus- also getrennt vom Wohnen aber zum schnell mal rübergehen.

Kannst Du bei Dir im Garten ein Atelierhaus bauen :) ? Das wäre doch super, oder?

Viele Grüße


studio13 said...

This is very interesting debate Sandra and I will use this oportunity to thank you for your mail. My little craft business is still in the first phase, wich means that my husband is supporting me and our familly. Our house is in the contryside, aprocc. 10 km from the capital Ljubljana and it is not very big, so I do not have my working room. I work mostly in the living room and sometimes bedroom. That means I have to move everithing bifore my guys are back from kindergarten, scool and work and that is the part I hate. At this moment I dream about my space somewere in the city, where I can allso organise some kind of a shoow room and just lock the door when I´am finish. I know that would cost but these days I´am just fed up being something in between houswife and try to work mum.
I have to deside till september and rigrht now it is very interesting to read yours and other people experiences.

Sandra Monat said...

Anais, thank you. I think your vision of a separate but somehow home connected studio would be ideal for me too.

Lisa, thank you. For now, without baby, it seems you have found a good solution that works for you. Happy creating in your studio :)

Jen, thank you. I think everybody who works from home is familiar to this. Time often goes into other activities in the home and it´s difficult to concentrate on your art.

Kristina, danke. Im Grunde ist es bei mir genau so geregelt. Zuhause habe ich einen Raum in dem ich oft kleineres erledige, was aber auch oft bedeutet, dass ich Sachen vom Atelier hierher schleppe und umgekehrt. Das klassische Nebengebäude wäre auch mein grosser Traum. Ein Atelierhaus auf dem jetzigen Grundstück zu bauen ist leider nicht möglich.

Valentina, thank you. Without a room for your own it is really not easy. Hats off that you manage to make such cute kitties anyway :) I hope you can realize your dream. Good luck!

Tine said...

Danke Sandra, für die Einblicke in deine Arbeitswelten (heute und früher)
Ich arbeite in meinem Atelier in unserem Haus, was mit drei kleinen Kindern einfacher ist, da ich so auch abends nochmal zwei Stunden für Projekte habe. Zugegeben: manchmal muß ich beim Haushalt den Tunnelblick aufsetzen, damit ich zum Arbeiten komme.....

Das ist übrigens mein Atelier:

Mit herzlichen Grüßen,

handmade by amalia said...

I work from home and spend as much time tidying up as I do crafting. But as long as I keep my day job and don't commit to crafting full time it doesn't make sense to hire a place. One day.

Anonymous said...

I worked in all kind of settings and thought a lot about the pros and cons. I really like the "shed" in the backyard idea (not so sure, if I would love it on harsh winter days, though), cause I don't mind working on my own, if the creative juices are flowing.
BUT. I had to realize that this works mainly in combination with my more or less creative day job, where I meet and talk to nice and creative people in a wonderful inspiring surrounding. To get input not only via the screen, to hear different opinions and to just laugh together.

Cross my fingers, that you will find the perfect spot for you and your work!

Herzlichst, Elke

Danielle McDonald said...

What a fabulous post. I never thought of using the living room as a studio but it makes sense actually as its often the biggest space. I work from home and we are moving to a small farm in a few weeks. I dream of my own little cottage studio one day but in the meantime am thinking of using the master bedroom as my studio and cramming our bedroom into one of the smaller rooms. With a toddler in the house I need a space I can shut the door on to keep curious hands out! You have also reminded me that I need to get a cat too! so cute!!!

Sonya Philip said...

So lovely to see your studios through the years and I'll second the hurrah for tolerant husbands! Oh and hello to Friederike!

rike said...

liebe sandra, ich bin gespannt wie deine entscheidung ausschauen wird. aber es wird sich bestimmt ein weg finden, auch wenn er womoeglich noch etwas zeit braucht ...

und wer weiss, womoeglich hast du irgendwann die moeglichkeit kleiderlos vom haus ins atelier-haeuschen zu stolpern ;)

diese option wuerde mir selbst wohl auch am besten gefallen. kleider hin oder her.
wobei ich mir bis heute nicht sicher bin inwieweit ich nicht doch ab und zu um ein staedtisches drumherum froh waere.
die moeglichkeiten fuer einen direkten austausch mit gleichgesintnen sind dort einfach groeßer. ob man die huelle und fuelle dann nuetzen wuerde, ist wieder eine andere frage ...

freundlich grueßt und sagt bis bald!

Shelley Noble said...

Working from home for art and business is a luxury that has spoiled me for anything else.

I like to be able to cook my own meals and sleep where I need to work without any public readiness or commute. Inspiration>>>>>work.

Plus no extra money going out for a separate studio which for me would add pressure to trying to find delicate creative solutions.

Others may prefer a separate place, but I think that no matter how small a place I lived, I'd have to keep a studio space in the same spot somehow.