Monday, May 21, 2012

pics from the weekend

I met a crocodile on wheels
besides some aliens, hiding behind a window and not easily to catch

 Saturday I visited the textile market Tuchfuehlung at Schloss Luentenbeck for the first time.
Situated in an old castle, it was very atmospheric

Baenderei Kafka also had a stall there and it was nice to see the Britain ribbons applied to garment and
home decor

Next to the castle was a house I fell in love with

{Crocodile and aliens artwork by Martin Smida, who has a studio in the castle...}


Ludo braille said...

J'adore ce crocodile !!!

ibb said...

The house is fall in love!

Meeling said...

Looks and sounds like a fun weekend!!

Loving that crocodile. :-D

Kim Hayes said...

All looks divine!

: )