Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pentecost - Pfingsten

what sunny, precious 3 days off from working we had. 3 days almost completely spent outside, visiting new and old places,
meeting friends and new people, hunting for old treasures and enjoying good food.

dreaming of going on a looooong journey
everything felt so alive, beside this little dog (had to make sure that he was just relaxing)

Hope you all spent some good days too!
Oh and thank you for your latest, encouraging comments on my paper cuts!
They mean a lot to me!!!

Back to work now...


molly said...

Wo gibt es denn solch einen tollen Markt? Superschön dort!!
Lovely hugs

Sandra Monat said...

Sonntag und Montag war Trödelfest in Bad Hönningen am Rhein und da keine Neuware zugelassen war, war es wirklich ein sehr schöner und auch grosser Flohmarkt

Anuszka said...

Hi. I saw this yellow car on German Autobahn on Saturday ;) Is this possible?

Sandra Monat said...

Anuzska, oh yes why not. The market was here: http://goo.gl/maps/VKM0 Maybe you were in the area?

Ludo braille said...

Très belles photos !!!
Et oui vos découpages sont magnifiques !!!

Sandra Monat said...

merci Nadia :)

Lunacy said...

Liebe Sandra,
schöne Pfingstimpressionen sind das.
Ich bin nun auch "back to work" und habe null Bock!

studio13 said...

This Flohmarkt that you visited must have been great. I wish there were more of similar markets hire in Slovenia. Really nice photos Sandra, you must have enjoyed your weekend very much.
There is a lovely giveaway at my blog right now, so I invite you and you readers to jump in my place, see if you like it :).

ibb said...

Lovely weekend you have...and those market...i miss them here...

Meeling said...

I would have been in heaven!! What fun - loving those white coffee carafes!! Awesome!

handmade by amalia said...

Time is indeed the greatest gift.
I love the orange van! I would drive it all the way to Tahiti