Friday, April 27, 2012

some things that made me feel good this week

this cute postcard in my mail. It´s from Lidar and Rafael, who thought of me because of this post and my paper works, I guess. 
Double strike, so to say. Thank you!

+ Elsas blog, it gave me much positive energy and motivation this week in various fields.
I think all of her work is incredibly beautiful

+ some new illustrations I finished for Little Tiger, being published later this year

+ Nathalie Letés "Bric a Brac" book, which seems hard to get (I happily found a last copy here)

+ and finally my little grumpy girl, named Fríða

Weekend is already lurking around the corner. In the afternoon I have to do some studio cleaning,
especially removing paper snippets from the floor and looking forward to  Silke´s visit on Monday. 
Silke makes amazing screenprinted fabrics and I can´t wait to see them in real.

Wishing you a nice weekend, lovelies!


ibb said...

Love that Frida...what about a viking girl doll...for a bit "wild" girls who climb trees and arrive home dirty?
Enjoy a lot the weekend and the visits.
Screenprinting must be really interesting...

Lidar said...

Frida is hillarious!!! the bunny is just perfection... they're so great!

Sandra Monat said...

thank you so much ibb and Lidar!

@ibb: you are right, I haven´t made a viking girl doll since a very long time. Not sure, why I´m always more tempted by the boys :)