Friday, December 09, 2011

"bead heads" - handmade little ornaments

these and many more are now available here (Shop language can be changed in the left menue)

Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Elisa said...

Great! Lovely weekend to you!

Sonya Philip said...

Oh too late, I was hoping for a viking head. These are so very wonderful!

nicki said...

ich hab auch nur noch einen gekriegt. ich hatte zwei im warenkorb,aber er wurde mir da rausgeklaut!!! ;0)

studio13 said...

That is great Sandra, just dance girl, you earn it!
I imagine how great must that be, specially cause I was selling my items last week, for the firs time. Unfortunatly it did not go well :(. Ok, the wether was bad-rainy and so the atmosphere was not ideal. I caut a cold and was bit sad for a day or two, but I decidet to smile and forget about that expirience :)!
Have a great sunday :)!