Friday, October 28, 2011

glittery Friday

a new order Grenadier and Telephone ribbons arrived today
so the telephone ribbon is now available again

 the lovely bag with London bus and Telephone ribbon is from valen-tonia
Now it´s mine, mine, MINE :)

The amazing Kafka team also experimented with using Lurex thread for the Telephone,
which I think looks lovely too, especially for the Xmas season.
I got a very small bunch of these glittering ribbons, only a few meters
of each color, which I added to shop too.

The old looms are currently busy weaving the London bus ribbons again, so these should arrive next week.
But small amounts of the 3 colors are still available.

Wishing you a lovely, glittery weekend!


林阿勇 said...

Wow!it's so cute.

Elisa / MollyMorpheus said...

There's no place like phone :)
Love the glitters! Happy weekend!

Meeling said...

Love the festive!!

Fedulab said...

These ribbons are great!!

Gulcin of Olric said...

Dear Sandra,i wonder that how do you feel when people show what they create from your designs? It must be amazing!

Sandra Monat said...

thank you guys! :)

Olric, you´re right. It´s so much fun to see what people are coming up with

Erin said...

Those a great!

valen-tonia said...

"glittery" .....eine Bestellung ist im Anflug .... . Danke für den guten Kaffee und den sehr netten Vormittag.
Herzliche Grüße Martina

Cyriaque_L said...

It's yours yours yours ! Lucky girl ! Very beautiful ! Like your ribbons ! Really love them !