Thursday, September 15, 2011

vacation - more found plastic trash

I´m grateful for the link to a movie that Lizette yesterday left  in her comment.
This movie sadly shows what tragedies all that plastic trash, floating in the ocean, causes.
I read that 18000 pieces of plastic are floating on every square kilometre of ocean.
Can you imagine that? It makes me mad!

I think avoiding plastic whenever possible, picking up plastic from beaches, or generally from nature
are just a teeny tiny help, but something everyone can do.
Afterwards dispose the trash safely or make something out of it


swig said...


il teorema di dionea said...


Nien. said...

I have never seen anyone using trash in such a joyful and colourfull way! Bravo!

Ana said...


Petra said...

Once you give them eyes, they're suddenly no traag anymore.

Sonya Philip said...

Those are adorable. And I love that you bring glue with you on vacation. I'm loving all the photos.

Erin said...

It is deeply beautiful. I grew up at the beach and it the ocean really shapes who you are as a person. There's really nothing in my life more than a very lung-filling inhalation of salt-air. It's my heaven.