Thursday, September 29, 2011

pics from the week and a call for local designers/artists/creatives

 2 new viking fellows

ordered new business cards for the Little Britain series

seems like summer has finally arrived in fall


My studio mate Jutta and I recently discussed if we should try to organize a TRUNK SHOW
or in German KOFFERMARKT in advent. We both like the idea very much.

If are a local designer/artist/crafter and interested in participating, please get in touch [kompottfabrik(at)]. Thank you!


Frau Traumberg said...

Oh, die Idee eines Koffermarkts finde ich klasse! Ich weiß nicht, ob ich genug Sachen zusammen bekäme, aber zum Gucken würde ich auf jeden Fall kommen!

Áurea López said...

Shade... Ich bin von Spanien!!1

Meeling said...

You vikings always put the biggest smile on my face!! Love the one with the grey scraggly beard. :-)

A trunk show sounds like so much fun!!

Anaïs said...

Wow, nice grey beard ! :)

Erin said...

Agreed! Great vikings. I was going to gush about all your great creations and then I saw your kitten! That's definitely pretty great . . . what a sweet little thing.

valen-tonia said...

Ach, die Wikinger sind zu schön. Und der mit dem grauen Bart .... bin verliebt.
Lieber Gruß Martina