Wednesday, August 17, 2011

6 dream guardians

they are done and waiting to watch over your dreams....

This cute little poem, was once written by my friend Cornelia, especially for the guardians,
which makes me very proud.
It´s in German.

Das Mondlicht blitzt am Fenster,
Dein Traum weht durch die Nacht -
ein Schatten wirft Gespenster,
Du wirst von mir bewacht.
Bin Hueter Deiner Traeume, 
gehoere nun zu Dir -
die schlechten schick ich weiter,
die guten bleiben hier

 The guardians are now available in the shop
Please note: tomorrow is my last working and also shipping day, before I´m going on vacation.
Paid orders until tomorrow 12 p.m. (midday) will be shipped tomorrow yet, all orders after
midday can be shipped only after my return (Sept.12th).

Thank you!


Elisa said...

they are just perfect !

rike said...


Elisa / MollyMorpheus said...

Happy sunny times to you. Enjoy your free time xxx

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

die sind einfach fantastisch! ich bin so beeindruckt! gratuliere dir! liebe grüße, éva

Susana Tavares said...

They are awesome!!!

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

They are adorable. You have such talent.

Pippikakka said...

soooooooooooo beautiful !

Cyriaque_L said...

They are so wonderful ! I really love them !

Kaylovesvintage said...

I love your work, so beautiful

oyo said...

Ooooooh I wish one or two would remain when I receive my money in a few weeks !
By the way, I loooove the grenadier brooch I've received (no.3) !!!

scripts for hypnosis said...

They look so cute and pretty!