Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Graça Paz


you might know her already, Graça Paz a Portuguese artist and interior designer.
Graças home is as colorful and creative as her work.
The current IKEA family live magazine is giving a glimpse into her amazing home and studio.
 and if you look VERY close you can also spy my viking cards :)

Graças blog and flickr
Here´s also a short video

my viking in the rain plate was published in 101 woonideeen. Thank you Mona for the hint and magazine scan!


ibb said...

Great appears...thanks for the links, very interesting.
And about Ikea family magazine...I think here hasn´t arrive...sniff
Your viking invasion is big

elisa said...

Vikings rule!
Good mood blog post :}

Meeling said...

Very cool!
We have Ikea here but I've never seen that magazine...just their regular catalog...looks neat, wish we got it here!

Your vikings are just too adorable!

Cyriaque_L said...

Congrats for this new publication ! The plate is so cute ! I also appreciate the pages of the Ikea Family Live you share with us !


Hi Sandra,

Thanks so much for featuring our magazine on your blog. Be sure to check out the website on for more stories, blogs and pictures of inspiring homes.

Kind regards,

IKEA Family Live team

Sonya Philip said...

Yay! Love her stuff and that she loves yours - great taste all around.

Susan said...

Congratulations on your work appearing in those magazines. Very fun! :-)

Graça Paz said...

Sorry not to comment earlier, but my internet is presently to slow...but fibnally today i manage to comment here!! I´m so happy that you saw bewcause here the m,agazines arew already out of stock too!!
We must meet!!!!*

A big kiss to you and i put your link on my blog too!! My best Geramn friend**


Anonymous said...

a, ich hatte Deine Arbeit auch gleich entdeckt im IKEA Magazin und mich noch gefragt ob Du das auch weißt.

Ich mag Deine Sachen sehr sehr sehr.

Herzlichste Grüße,

Monika Aebischer said...

Ahh.. We don't get the Ikea Family magazine here in Canada.. that is so mean... I think it could change some things for the better around here.. grins..